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Oxford University Polish Society
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Founded 1955 as Polish Students Club (by Maciej Giertych)

Officers, 2015-2016

President Michał Karolak, Magdalen
Vice-President Maciej Mylik, St Hugh's
Treasurer Marcin Bieliński, Jesus
Secretary Michał Dąbrówka, Jesus
Press Officer Mikołaj Pałucki, Worcester

Oxford University Polish Society is a student society in the University of Oxford for Polish nationals, people of Polish ancestry and everyone interested in Poland. It was founded in 1955 and claims to be the oldest Polish student society in the UK. It served as an important platform for Polish political activism in times of Cold War when Poland was under heavy influence of the Soviet Union. Recently it was featured in several Polish media.[1]

At present the society aims to integrate the Polish community within the university and promote knowledge of Polish culture and history. It invites speakers, mainly well-known political figures from Poland as well as British and Polish historians, to give talks in Oxford. Former guests include Radosław Sikorski, Danuta Hubner, Norman Davies and Charles Crawford. Termly calendar of the society also comprises regular social events as well as celebrations of national holidays.

The society was founded in 1955 as the Polish Students Club by Maciej Giertych and has existed in different forms ever since. Former members include Zbigniew Pełczyński (now patron of the society), Radosław Sikorski (then a political refugee in Great Britain). Some of the Oxford academics were also connected with the society, including Leszek Kołakowski who was its patron until his death.


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