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Oxfordshire Constabulary was the Home Office police force for the county of Oxfordshire, England, excluding the city of Oxford itself, from 1857 until 1968.


Oxfordshire Constabulary was established in 1857. It absorbed Chipping Norton Borough Police and Henley Borough Police immeadietly. Banbury Borough Police was also amalgamated into the force 69 years later in 1925. In 1965 it had an establishment of 423 and an actual strength of 297.[1]

On 1 April 1968 Thames Valley Constabulary was formed by the amalgamation of Buckinghamshire Constabulary, Berkshire Constabulary, Oxford City Police, Oxfordshire Constabulary and Reading Borough Police.

Notable other uses[edit]

The Oxfordshire Police have been the feature police force for the Inspector Morse spinoff television series Lewis (known as Inspector Lewis overseas).

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