Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service

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Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service
Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service.jpg
Operational area
Country  England
County  Oxfordshire
Agency overview
Chief Fire Officer Simon Furlong
Facilities and equipment
Stations 24
Engines 32
Official website

The Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service is the Fire Service serving the county of Oxfordshire, England.[1]

Fire and Rescue Service Headquarters is based in Kidlington, Oxford, Oxfordshire. This is also the location of the fire service control room and workshops.

The current Chief Fire Officer is Simon Furlong.

Fire stations/appliances[edit]

Goring Fire Station
Wantage Fire Station
Didcot Fire Station
Thame Fire Station

The Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service currently operates out of 24 fire stations, located across Oxfordshire.

Station Callsign Station Name Duty System Appliances
X01 Banbury Wholetime/Cross Crewed* 2x Water/Ladder, 1x Prime Mover + High Volume Pump*, 1x Prime Mover + High Volume Hose Layer*
X02 Hook Norton Retained 1x Water/Ladder
X03 Chipping Norton Retained 1x Water/Ladder
X04 Charlbury Retained 1x Water/Ladder
X05 Woodstock Retained/Cross Crewed* 1x Water/Ladder, 1x Incident Command & Control Unit*
X06 Kidlington Day Crewed/Retained 1x Water/Ladder, 1x Specialist Rescue Unit,l
X07 Bicester Retained/Cross Crewed* 2x Water/Ladder, 1x Detection, Identification & Monitoring*
X08 Deddington Retained 1x Water/Ladder
X09 Enysham Retained/Cross Crewed* 1x Water/Ladder 1x Prime Mover + Incident Support Unit*
X10 Witney Retained 1x Water/Ladder, 1x Light Response Vehicle
X11 Burford Retained 1x Water/Ladder
X12 Bampton Wholetime X Retained 2 X Water/Ladder (1 Crewed daytime only)
X21 Rewley Road Wholetime/Retained/Cross Crewed* 3x Water/Ladder, 1x Aerial Ladder Platform, 1 X Environmental Protection Pod
X22 Abingdon Day Crewed 2x Water/Ladder
X23 Faringdon Retained 1x Water/Ladder
X24 Wantage Retained 1x Water/Ladder, 1x 4x4
X25 Goring Retained 1x Water/Ladder
X26 Henley Retained 1x Water/Ladder
X27 Thame Retained 1x Water/Ladder, 1 x Light Response Vehicle
X28 Wheatley Retained 1x Water/Ladder, 1x Water Carrier
X29 Watlington Retained 1x Water/Ladder
X30 Slade Park Wholetime/Cross Crewed* 2x Water/Ladder, 1 X British Red Cross Emergency Response Unit
X31 Wallingford Retained 1x Water/Ladder,
X32 Didcot Day Crewed 2x Water/Ladder, 1 X Hazmat Decontamination Unit
X41 Kidlington HQ Day Crewed 1x Communications Support Unit, 2x Light 4x4 Vehicle
Oxon Fire and Rescue responding to Randolph Hotel fire.

Fire appliance glossary/callsigns[edit]

Fire Application Glossary Shortened Name Callsign Photo
Water Ladder WrL P1/P2/P3 Water Ladder Fire Engine.jpg
Light Response Vehicle LRV P2 Light response Unit.jpg
Water Carrier WrC W1
Aerial Ladder Platform ALP A1 Aerial Ladder Platform.jpg
Specialist Rescue Unit SRU R1
Heavy Rescue Unit HRU R2
Communications Support Unit CSU C1
Incident Command & Control Unit ICCU C1
Environmental Protection Unit EPU H1
Canteen Vehicle CV S1
Fire & Emergency Support Unit FESU S1
Light 4x4 Vehicle L4V S1/S2
Prime Mover + Incident Support Unit PM+ISU S1
Prime Mover + High Volume Pump PM+HVP T2 Prime Mover with Incident Support Unit.jpg
Prime Mover + High Volume Hose Layer PM+HVHL T2
CRBN Response
Detection, Identification & Monitoring DIM H8
Incident Response Unit IRU H9
A deployed "Prime Mover" with "Water/Ladder" engine in the background.


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