Oxfordshire Senior Football League

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Oxfordshire Senior Football League
Oxfordshire Senior Football League.jpg
Country England
Number of teams32
Level on pyramidLevel 11 (Premier Division)
Feeder toHellenic League
Promotion to
Relegation to
  • Witney and District League
  • Banbury District and Lord Jersey League
Current championsVoid (Premier Division)
Void (Division One)
Void (Division Two)

The Oxfordshire Senior Football League is an association football competition based in Oxfordshire, England. The league has three divisions; the Premier Division comprising clubs' first teams, whilst the other two divisions are reserve and development sides. The Premier Division is at step 7 of the National League System or level 11 of the overall English football league system. The top club is eligible for promotion to the Hellenic League Division One East or Division One West.

For the 2017-18 season there are 13 clubs competing in the Premier Division, 11 in Division One and 13 in Division Two.

2021–22 members[edit]

Premier Division[edit]

  • Bicester Hallions
  • Bure Park
  • Carterton United
  • Charlton United
  • Cropredy
  • Eynsham Association
  • Garsington
  • Halse United
  • Kennington Athletic
  • Launton Sports
  • Marston Saints
  • Southam United
  • Summertown Stars
  • Yarnton

Division One[edit]

  • Adderbury Park Reserves
  • Ashton Folly
  • Bicester Town Colts
  • Chalgrove Cavaliers
  • Easington Sports Clan
  • Horspath
  • Kidlington "A"
  • Kirtlington
  • Middleton Cheney
  • Oxford Irish Athletic
  • Saxton Rovers
  • Woodstock Town Development

Division Two[edit]

  • Bicester Town Colts Development
  • Charlton United Reserves
  • Chinnor Reserves
  • Cropredy Development
  • Garsington Reserves
  • Heyford Athletic Reserves
  • Kennington Athletic Reserves
  • Launton Sports Development
  • Marston Saints Reserves
  • North Leigh United Development
  • Saxton Rovers Reserves
  • Summertown Stars AFC Reserves
  • Yarnton Reserves

Recent champions[edit]

Season Premier Division Division One Division Two Division Three
2003–04 Eynsham Association Rover Cowley
2004–05 Berinsfield Community Association Bicester Civil Service Bardwell
2005–06 Oxford University Press Kennington United
2006–07 Garsington Stonesfield Sports
2007–08 Rover Cowley Garsington Reserves Worcester College Old Boys & Bletchingdon Reserves
2008–09 Garsington Garsington Reserves Slade Farm United Freeland Reserves
2009–10 Adderbury Park AFC Hinksey Bletchingdon Reserves Oakley Reserves
2010–11 AFC Hinksey Slade Farm United Bletchingdon Reserves
2011–12 Oxford University Press Riverside Garsington Reserves AFC Hinksey Reserves
2012–13 Riverside Oakley United Bletchingdon Reserves Mansfield Road Reserves
2013–14 Oakley United Kidlington Reserves Middleton Cheney Reserves Oakley United Reserves
2014–15 Oakley United Garsington Oxford University Press Reserves
2015–16 Oxford University Press Blackbird Rovers Adderbury Park Reserves
2016–17 Adderbury Park Kennington Athletic Oxford University Press Reserves
2017–18 Heyford Athletic Bicester United Freeland Reserves
2018-19 Freeland Chesterton Marston Saints Reserves

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