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Oxóssi sculpture at Catacumba Park, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Oshosi (known as Ochosi or Oxóssi or Oxosi in Latin America) is an Orisha of the Yoruba religion originating from West Africa. In Candomblé, Oxossí is syncretized with Saint Sebastian (in the Rio de Janeiro region) or Saint George (in the Bahia region). In Santería, Ochosí is syncretized with Saint Norbert. St. Hubert was also syncretized with Saint Hubert, the imagery of St. Hubert has a bow and arrow and a stag next to him which are symbols of Oshosi. Another catholic saint syncretized with Oshosi in Santeria is Saint Sebastian who is depicted with his body is covered with arrows, another symbol of Oshosi.

Oxóssi in Brazil[edit]

Oxóssi is the spirit associated with the hunt, forests, animals, and wealth.[1] He is spirit of meals, because it is he who provides food. He is associated with lightness, astuteness, wisdom, and craftiness in the hunt. He is the orixa of contemplation, loving the arts and beautiful things. He hunts with a bow and arrow (called an ofá), hunting for good influences and positive energies.


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