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Oxxxymiron in 2017
Oxxxymiron in 2017
Background information
Birth nameMiron Yanovich Fyodorov
Born (1985-01-31) 31 January 1985 (age 36)
Leningrad, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union
(now Saint Petersburg, Russia)
GenresHip hop, grime, dubstep, alternative hip hop, battle rap, freestyle rap
Occupation(s)Rapper, songwriter, CEO
Years active2001 (as MC Mif)
LabelsOptik Russia (2008—2010)
Vagabund (2010—2011)
Kultizdat (2015—present)

Miron Yanovich Fyodorov (Russian: Мирон Янович Фёдоров; born 31 January 1985), known by stage name Oxxxymiron, is a Russian-British hip-hop artist and former executive director of the Booking Machine booking agency,[1][2][3] as well as a co-founder and former member of the record label Vagabund. He is one of the most influential and prominent hip-hop performers in Russia, and his albums The Eternal Jew and Gorgorod are considered by the community as the most important releases of Russian rap.[4][5]


Miron Yanovich Fyodorov was born on 31 January 1985 in Leningrad, in a family of Russian Jews.[6] His father is a theoretical physicist and his mother is a librarian. When Fyodorov was 9 years old, his family emigrated to Rüttenscheid [de], Germany. During his studies in Maria Wächtler School, Miron had a 'tense relationship' with his classmates because of his social standing and poor German. At the age of 13, Fyodorov began to write lyrics and rap in German and Russian under the name MC Mif (from Miron Fyodorov). When he was 15, the Fyodorovs moved to Slough, United Kingdom. In 2004, Miron Fyodorov began studying at the University of Oxford in the faculty of English. During his studies Fyodorov was the president of the Russian community of Oxford. In 2006 he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and had to stop studying, however he managed to continue studying after a break. In June 2008 he graduated from the university with a degree in Middle English literature.

After university, Fyodorov moved to East End where he restarted his musical career under the name of Oxxxymiron. The name is derived from his first name Miron, rhetorical device oxymoron and triple X, representing the large amount of profanity in his lyrics. He was not able to find a job because of his perceived overqualification and had to work as a cashier, a translator, a loader, a guide, a stallman, a tutor, an MC and an office clerk.

Optik Russia (2008–2010)[edit]

In 2008, after a seven-year break, Oxxxymiron published a new track London Against All (Russian: Лондон против всех). In the same year he joined a German label Optik Russia where he met Dmitry Khinter (Russian: Дмитрий Хинтер), known by his stage name Schokk [ru]. In 2008 Oxxxymiron published his first music video, I'm a Hater (Russian: Я xeйтep).

In 2009 Oxxxymiron participated in the 14th independent battle on Hip-Hop.ru and reached the semi-finals. At the end of the year Oxxxymiron won several nominations (the Best Battle MC, the Breakthrough of the Battle, the Best Sparring of the Battle, the Best Track of the Battle) in the Hip-Hop.ru Awards 2009 public voting and also became the Invention of 2009.

In August 2010 Oxxxymiron and Schokk left Optik Russia.

Vagabund (2011)[edit]

In autumn 2010 Oxxxymiron and Schokk toured countries of CIS. In a year, Oxxxymiron, Schokk and manager Ivan Karoy aka Vanya Lenin founded an independent label Vagabund (Vagabond in German). On 15 September 2011, Vagabund published Fyodorov's first album The Eternal Jew (Russian: Вечный жид), which received a lot of positive reviews. On 30 October 2011 Vagabund gave the last concert. On 1 November 2011 Oxxxymiron left Vagabund due to conflict between the members of the label and Moscow rapper Roma Zhigan. On 6 November 2011 he gave a free a cappella concert in Moscow and moved back to London.

miXXXtape (2012–2014)[edit]

On 12 March 2012 Oxxxymiron published miXXXtape I which includes the best tracks recorded in 2008–2011. On 18 October 2013 miXXXtape II: Long way home [ru] (Russian: miXXXtape II: Долгий путь домой) was published. It included the best tracks of 2012-2013 and remixed texts of Oxxxymiron's rounds from his battle against Krip-a-Krip [ru] in Versus Battle [ru] league. On 8 August 2014 Oxxxymiron extended the deadline of the release of his second album for an indefinite period despite it having been planned to be released on 14 August 2014.

Gorgorod (2015–present)[edit]

On 25 August 2015 music video Londongrad (Russian: Лондонград) was published as a teaser trailer for TV series Londongrad based on Miron's life in London before restarting his rapper career. On 21 September Oxxxymiron published the music video City under the Sole (Russian: Город под подошвой) which was watched 2 million times in a week.

On 13 November 2015 Oxxxymiron released his second album, Gorgorod (Russian: Горгород) which became the most popular Russian music album of 2015.

In 2017 Oxxxymiron became CEO of the Booking Machine (BM) booking agency.

On 28 June 2016 Oxxxymiron became the first ambassador of Reebok Classic in Russia.[7]

In August 2019 Oxxxymiron left his CEO position in BM agency.

Acting career[edit]

On 28 September 2017 became known that Oxxxymiron will take part in the film adaptation of Victor Pelevin’s novel Empire V. The film's director is Victor Ginzburg, famous for the screen version of the book "Generation "П"[8]

Battle rap[edit]

Oxxxymiron is the most viewed Russian battle rapper in the world. Views of his rap battles can exceed 100 million on YouTube.[citation needed]

Oxxxymiron participated in the Russian battle league Versus Battle five times and won the first four of them.

  • 2013 – Oxxxymiron VS Krip-a-Krip (3:0)[citation needed]
  • 2014 – Oxxxymiron VS Dunya (won by vote of crowd)[citation needed]
  • 2015 – Oxxxymiron VS Johnyboy (5:0).[9] This battle has been watched 1 million times during one day and became the most popular battle in the world.[citation needed] Oxxxymiron and Versus Battle league attracted the King of the Dot host Organik's and Dizaster's attention.
  • 2016 – Oxxxymiron VS ST (3:0). This battle has been watched 4 million times during one day.[citation needed]
  • 2017 – Oxxxymiron VS Slava KPSS (Versus Battle x #SLOVOSPB) (0:5).[10] This battle has been watched over 9 million times during one day and has become one of the most watched battles in the world.[citation needed]

Also Oxxxymiron performed at the Canadian rap battle league of King of the Dot:

  • 2017 – Oxxxymiron VS Dizaster is scheduled as a Main Event for King of the Dot's World Domination 7 event (without judges).[11] This battle became highest viewed on YouTube channel King of the Dot.[12] Oxxxymiron after the battle with Dizaster thanked Slava KPSS for an opportunity to work on the mistakes. According to him, if not for that rap-battle in August, there would not have been such a historical rap-battle in October against Dizaster.[citation needed]


Concert tours[edit]

  • 2009 – Unnamed feat. Schokk
  • 2010 – October Events feat. Schokk (Октябрьские события)
  • 2011 – Vagabund Tour feat. Schokk
  • 2012 – Unnamed
  • 2013 – Roly-poly toy VS Mordor (Неваляшка VS Мордор Tour)
  • 2013 – Long Way Home (Долгий путь домой)
  • 2014 – arXXXeology (арХХХеология Tour)
  • 2015 – City under Sole (Город под подошвой Tour)
  • 2016 – Takeover Tour
  • 2016 – Back to Europe
  • 2016 – Takeover Tour 2
  • 2017 – IMPERIVM (stadium tour)


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