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Oyndarfjørður is located in Denmark Faroe Islands
Location in the Faroe Islands
Coordinates: 62°16′40″N 6°51′4″W / 62.27778°N 6.85111°W / 62.27778; -6.85111Coordinates: 62°16′40″N 6°51′4″W / 62.27778°N 6.85111°W / 62.27778; -6.85111
State  Kingdom of Denmark
Constituent country  Faroe Islands
Island Eysturoy
Municipality Runavíkar kommuna
Population (1 January 2006)
 • Total 164
Time zone GMT
 • Summer (DST) EST (UTC+1)
Climate Cfc

Oyndarfjørður (Danish: Andefjord) is a village on the northeastern coast of the Faroese island of Eysturoy in the Runavíkar municipality.

The 2005 population was 180. Its postal code is FO 690. The town's church dates from 1838. It is famous for two rinkusteinar, or rocking stones, located in the sea nearby.[1]

Rinkusteinar in Oyndarfjørður, Eysturoy, Faroe Islands. The chain is connected to the mainland to make it easier to see the rock’s movements.

The name of the village is derived from the man’s name Oyvindur (which is Eyvindur in Icelandic). The village was isolated until the road from the south reached the village in 1969.[2]

There is a hiking trail over old overland postal routes north from Fuglafjørður to Oyndarfjørður (with Youth Hostel), then west to Elduvík, then south to Funningsfjørður and back to Fuglafjørður.[2]

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