Oyster Bay, Tanzania

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The Indian Ocean viewed from Oyster Bay in the year 2005.
The Indian Ocean viewed from Oyster Bay in the year 2005.
Oyster Bay is located in Tanzania
Oyster Bay
Oyster Bay
Location of Oyster Bay
Oyster Bay is located in Africa
Oyster Bay
Oyster Bay
Oyster Bay (Africa)
Oyster Bay is located in Earth
Oyster Bay
Oyster Bay
Oyster Bay (Earth)
Coordinates: 6°46′S 39°18′E / 6.767°S 39.300°E / -6.767; 39.300Coordinates: 6°46′S 39°18′E / 6.767°S 39.300°E / -6.767; 39.300
RegionDar es Salaam
Time zoneUTC+3 (EAT)
Area code(s)022
WebsiteCity Website

Oyster Bay (also spelled Oysterbay) is also known as Cocoa beach and Coco beach. Oysterbay is an affluent neighborhood in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. It is known for an attractive beach. Oyster Bay is located north west of Dar es Salaam's central business district along the Indian Ocean. Europeans have resided here since colonial times. Since independence, Europeans working for development aid organizations, and senior government officials, including ministers, permanent secretaries and directors and commissioners, reside here.

The area is bounded by the Indian Ocean on the east, Mawenzi Road on the North, Ali Hassan Mwinyi Road to the south, and Ali bin Said Road to the West. Some local institutions are named Oysterbay, including a police station[1], a hospital and a school.


Oysterbay is popular for the food sold there such as Muhogo (cassava) and Mishkaki (Grilled meat skewers) sold by traders.[2] However cause of the expansion plans they have been given a few weeks time to vacate the area.[3]


In 2015, it was reported that there are plans of developing the cocoa beach, which will continue to remain a free open space for public. Main reason for this plan is to keep it clean, give employment, boost tourism and improve security in the area so people can feel safe.[4] Cocoa beach is being renovated at the cost of Sh11.6 billion.[5] As of September 2019, the beach has been closed for 6 months for expansion.[6] After the completion of the renovation, entrance wont be free.



The centre of the neighborhood is the Oysterbay Shopping Centre where there are businesses.

Art galleries[edit]

The founder of the popular Tingatinga painting style, Edward Tingatinga, began his artistic career while in Oyster Bay. The Tanzanian Tingatinga Art Gallery is located here.

Embassies hosted in OysterBay[edit]

The following 11 embassies are hosted in and near the OysterBay area;

  1. The People's Republic of China[7]
  2. The Republic of Turkey[8]
  3. The Embassy of The Federative Republic of Brazil[9]
  4. The Embassy of Ireland[10]
  5. The Embassy of The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia[11]
  6. The Embassy of The Republic of Namibia[12]
  7. The Embassy of The Republic of Angola[13]
  8. The embassy of The Republic of Rwanda[14]
  9. The Embassy of The Republic of Kenya[15]
  10. The Embassy of The French Republic[16]
  11. The Embassy of The Russian Federation[17]


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