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The Oyster Bay Main Street Association is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization founded in 2001. The mission of OBMSA is to "create and promote a healthy economy and an attractive hamlet, while maintaining historic character and integrity."[1] OBMSA is modelled after the Four-Point-Approach established by the National Main Street Center of the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

Overview of OBMSA Programs[edit]

  • Community Visioning and Planning
  • Facade and Signage Improvement
  • Development of the Historic Oyster Bay Map and Kiosks
  • Providing Support for the new Oyster Bay Railroad Museum
  • Parking Lot and Public Space Improvements

Community Visioning and Planning[edit]

The Main Street Association has been at the forefront of assuring that the Hamlet of Oyster Bay has the vision and plan that it needs to move forward. This has been accomplished by contributing towards and participating in efforts to generate the Oyster Bay Hamlet Plan, the Eastern Waterfront Steering Committee Plan, and numerous other projects.

Facade and Signage Improvement[edit]

Over 15 facade and signage improvements have been made in the history of the program. Of these, some notable examples include the Oyster Bay Bank Building (20 Audrey Ave), Caterbury's (48 Audrey Ave), and the Moore's Building. "To see anybody do a really good job in developing a storefront property is a great boon to the psychology of the hamlet," said David Lamb, chairman of the association's design committee. "It only encourages more development and more risk-taking on the part of other property owners to do the same kind of development."[2]

Historic Oyster Bay Map and Kiosks[edit]

Historic Oyster Bay Map: Artist Brook Meinhardt was commissioned in 2002 to design this map, highlighting historic attractions in Oyster Bay. The map was subsequently reproduced and made available in brochure format. The following year over 15 community groups came together to promote summer weekend events in Oyster Bay. Supporters of these marketing initiatives have included the National Endowment for the Arts, Ford Motor Company, the Rotary Club of Oyster Bay, the Peter Tilles Family Foundation, Island Properties, and Avalon Bay.

Kiosks: Five kiosks were installed throughout the downtown area. Here the map and other informational brochures are available for visitors and boaters.

Providing support for the new Oyster Bay Railroad Museum[edit]

The Main Street Association has played an active role helping move forward plans for preservation of the historic Oyster Bay Long Island Rail Road Station - home station of President Theodore Roosevelt. Plans for the Oyster Bay Railroad Museum Plaza won a "Merit Award" for "Un-Built Projects" from the American Society of Landscape Architects.[3]

Parking Lot and Public Space Improvements[edit]

Hanging Flower Baskets: In 2008, hanging flower baskets were placed on the historic lamp posts in downtown Oyster Bay. Beautiful flowers were also placed in planters lining Audrey Ave, South St, East Main St, and West Main St.

Parking Lot Improvements: OBMSA continues to implement a parking master plan after successful completion of two of the most heavily used parking fields at Townsend Square and West Main Street.

Streetscape Improvements: Twenty decorative street lamps have been installed to improve visibility, and of a design and scale appropriate to the hamlet. New brick pedestrian walkways and landscaping have further helped to beautify the downtown. Trash receptacles have also been installed


  • 1999
The Future of Oyster Bay published advocating for historic preservation in Oyster Bay and establishment of Main Street.
  • 2001
Incorporated and received 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status.
  • 2002
"Oyster Bay Hamlet Plan" adopted by the Town Board of the Town of Oyster Bay.
  • 2003
Design and placement of informational kiosks throughout the downtown.
  • 2005
Visit of NYS Parks Commissioner Bernadette Castro.
  • 2006
Cantebury's facade is improved - one of over 15 completed since 2001.
  • 2007
Historic structures report and landscape plans made for Oyster Bay Railroad Museum with a $45,000 New York State grant.
  • 2008
Return visit of Dan Burden to work on comprehensive planning activities.
The Hamlet of Oyster Bay is named a Preserve America Community.[4]
  • 2009
A $36,500 grant is given by the Main Street Assoc. to the Town of Oyster Bay for acquisition of a sidewalk cleaner.
Annual meeting on September 15, "Celebrating a Decade of Improvements in Downtown Oyster Bay"
  • 2010
Received a $200,000 New York Main Street grant for building renovation.


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