Oyster Harbour, Western Australia

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Coordinates: 34°59′37.89″S 117°56′39.81″E / 34.9938583°S 117.9443917°E / -34.9938583; 117.9443917


Oyster Harbour is a permanently open estuary, which covers an area of 15.6 square kilometres (6 sq mi) near Albany, Western Australia.[1] The Harbour is used to shelter a fishing fleet carrying out commercial fishing and the farming of oysters and mussels.[2] A significant number of waterbirds use the Harbour for feeding.[1] The place is currently a family tourist center.[2] Oyster Harbour is fed by the King and Kalgan Rivers and discharges into King George Sound.

A planned locality of Oyster Harbour on the Lower King Road is under construction with 2,300 home sites.[3]

At the north eastern end near the mouth of the Kalgan River mouth are the Albany Fish Traps, a site of great significance to the local Mineng peoples, constructed over 7,500 years ago.[4]


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