Oyster vermicelli

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Oyster vermicelli
A bowl of Oamisoir
Traditional Chinese蚵仔麵線
Simplified Chinese蚵仔面线
Literal meaningoyster noodle threads

Oyster vermicelli or oyster misua (traditional Chinese: 蚵仔麵線; Taiwanese Hokkien: ô-á mī-sòaⁿ) is a kind of noodle soup popular in Taiwan.[1] Its main ingredients are oysters and misua (Chinese vermicelli). One of the famous places serving this is in Dihua Street, Dadaocheng, Taipei.[citation needed] A tan-brown variety of vermicelli used for this dish is made primarily with wheat flour and salt, and gains its unique colour due to a steaming process which caramelizes the sugars in the dough, allowing it to be cooked for longer periods without breaking down.[2]

An alternative is vermicelli with large intestine, in which oysters are substituted with small segments of pig's large intestine.

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