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In oyster hatcheries fewer machines are needed but the most important one is the nursery tank system that keeps the oyster larvae alive.

The nursery tank system was developed in Florida.

Boats and small rafts were also used to gather the oysters in the deep if they cannot reach by bare foot. The rafts and boats were made in Italy. Also while they remove the oysters they use a small knife or a stone to weaken the oyster from the rocks. The knives are from China.

A filter is also a main one to keep the hatchery water clean and the same water level. Such filters are made in Japan.

When the oysters need to be carried by hand the workers used Hessian bags made in the United Kingdom. Racks are used often to dry out the bacteria on the oysters. This are also from the United States of America.

What the machines do[edit]

These machines have their own part on working helping us get money from other different countries.

Nursery tank systems - These tanks help the oyster larvae survive by eating algae that is stored in the tank. The tank was not in a shape of a water tank or a cylinder it was about one meter high and very wide that it was a size of a swimming pool.

Small boats and rafts - The boats and rafts make the job easier. They are designed small to fit through narrow gaps when looking for oysters.

Small knives - The knives used in the hatcheries are blunt only the top bit was sharp to help remove oysters of their place.

Filter - The filters had different jobs one was to make algae to feed the oyster larvae, the other one was to pump enough water and clean enough for the oysters to survive.

Hessian Bags - These bags are hardly made to hold lots of weight and easier to carry while working.

Racks - Racks were not machines but they help the hatchery to produce more money by killing the bacteria that make you sick.

Exploring the hatchery[edit]

Nowadays hatcheries have expanded with more machines than before. The hatchery is not a factory, it is a place for oysters to grow and be harvested and then transported to a factory. The oyster larva has a soft body. It begins to grow an outer skin and when that happens the larvae are old enough to find an obstacle to settle on. The hatchery has lots of interesting machines and equipment.

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