Ozerki (Historic district in Saint Petersburg)

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Coordinates: 60°02′N 30°19′E / 60.033°N 30.317°E / 60.033; 30.317

Location of Ozerki historic District on the map of Saint Petersburg
Coordinates: 60°4′N 30°24′E / 60.067°N 30.400°E / 60.067; 30.400
Federal subjectSaint Petersburg

Ozerki (Russian: Озерки́ - "small lakes") is a historic district in the northern part of Saint Petersburg. It has been included in the city in 1963.

The district got its name from the Suzdal lakes which are located within its territory borders.

Upper Suzdal Lake
Sosnovka park

The district is currently a part of Shuvalovo-Ozerki municipal okrug within Vyborgsky District.

It is served by Ozerki metro station operating since 19 August 1988.

Oktyabrskay Railway station Ozerki is also located within the district.

Historical events[edit]

Ozerki is a place where Georgy Gapon was murdered.

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Historical pictures[edit]

Ozerki railway station in the beginning of 20th century.
Badmaev house