Ozerne Air Base

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Аэродром Житомир (Озёрное).jpg
TU-22 Monument.JPG
Tu-22 Monument at entrance to garrison
Airport typeMilitary
OperatorUkrainian Air Force
LocationOzerne, Zhytomyr Oblast
Elevation AMSL764 ft / 233 m
Coordinates50°9′30″N 028°44′18″E / 50.15833°N 28.73833°E / 50.15833; 28.73833Coordinates: 50°9′30″N 028°44′18″E / 50.15833°N 28.73833°E / 50.15833; 28.73833
Direction Length Surface
ft m
12/26 10,006 3,050 Concrete

Ozerne (given in source material under the plethora of names: Zhytomyr Ozerna, Ozernyy, Ozernoye, Oziernoye, Ozernoe, Ozernoye, Ozyornoye, Ozyornaya, and in US intelligence as Zhitomir/Skomorokhi) is an air base in Ozerne, Zhytomyr Oblast, Ukraine located 11 km southeast of Zhytomyr. The facility has angled taxiways, ramp space, and over 30 large revetments consistent with a bomber base.


The airbase was erected 1933 by the red army and expanded 1942 by the german Luftwaffe and was called Flughafen Hegewald. Nearby was the headquarter of Heinrich Himmler and surrounded by the settlements of the new german Hegewald colony. 15th Guards Heavy Bomber Aviation Division was stationed at the base from 1945 to 1994.[1] In 1965 Ozernoye began receiving Tupolev Tu-22 (Blinder) aircraft. By 1967 it had 31 Tu-22 aircraft, and in 1968 it received Tu-22PD aircraft.[2] A Tu-22 crash-landed here in 1969 due to a stall during the landing flare; this incident was captured by a movie camera and used in the motion picture Tenderness for the Roaring Beast.[2]

In December 1989 the 251st Guards Heavy Bomber Aviation Regiment (Belaya Tserkov, Kiev Oblast) with Tu-16K, was transferred under the control of the 43rd 43rd Center for Combat Employment and Retraining of Personnel of Long Range Aviation, located in the Russian SFSR. In 1990 the division comprised:

  • 121st Guards Heavy Bomber Aviation Regiment (Machulishchi, Minsk Oblast) with Tu-22K
  • 203rd Guards Heavy Bomber Aviation Regiment (Baranovichi, Brest Oblast) with Tu-22K
  • 341st Heavy Bomber Aviation Regiment (Ozernoye, Zhitomir Oblast) with Tu-22K

With the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1992 the two regiments in Belarus were transferred under other command and the 251st Regiment rejoined the division. Units stationed at Ozernoye include:

Currently the airfield is home to about 15 advanced fighter aircraft visible in Google Earth high-resolution imagery. The north airfield appears to contain a huge army salvage yard.

A Sukhoi Su-27 crash landed on December 15th 2018 while approaching the airfield during a training flight. The pilot did not survive the crash.[7][8]


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