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Ozie Boo! is a French 3D animation television series for children aged 2–6 years that began in 2005. It is produced by Cyber Group Studios, a company based in Paris, France and in the US by PorchLight Entertainment. In France, the first season was broadcast on the Disney Channel and on France 5 in Zouzous, and the second season on Canal J. The series is broadcast in about 80 countries. Ozie Boo! has also been released worldwide on VHS/DVD. Season 2 has been available in the USA since December 2005. Season 3 was broadcast in 2007. In Ireland the series started broadcasting in 2008 on kids channel Cula 4.


The Ozieboos are five baby penguins:

  • Ed (green)
  • Fred (orange)
  • Ned (blue)
  • Nelly (pink)
  • Ted (red)

Other characters include Rajah the baby Siberian tiger, Mikky and Nikky the polar bear cubs, Mel the starfish, Wally and Polly the baby belugas, and Sky the albatross.

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