Pác Bó

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Lê Nin stream in Pác Bó tourism area near the cave

Pác Bó is a small village in Cao Bằng province, northern Vietnam, 3 km from the Chinese border.

Near this village is a cave, Hang Cốc Bó (today often called Hang Pác Bó) in which Hồ Chí Minh lived for seven weeks, during February and March 1941, when he returned after 30 years of exile.[1] Consequently, it is now a tourist site.[2]


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  2. ^ Rough Guide to Vietnam: Volume 4 - Page 474 Jan Dodd, Mark Lewis, Ron Emmons - 2003 "Pac Bo Cave - Such a lot is made of Pac Bo Cave that it comes as a surprise to learn that Ho Chi Minh only lived in it for seven weeks, during February and March 1941. lf you're not a fan of Ho memorabilia then neither the cave nor the ..."

Coordinates: 22°58′41″N 106°03′14″E / 22.978°N 106.054°E / 22.978; 106.054