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Monument to Pál Heim

Pál Heim (Budapest, 30 November 1875 – Budapest, 23 October 1929; Hungarian: Heim Pál) was a Hungarian pediatrician and university professor.

He gained his medical degree in 1897 from the University of Budapest. In 1901 he got a position at a hospital in Budapest, where he specialized in treating babies and children. He served as a doctor in the First World War, and in 1916 he became leader of a hospital for babies in Budapest. Since 1918 he also taught at the university, where he became rector in 1921. He then went to the university in Pécs, where he lived until 1929. He organized a network of nurses to babies, who became known as the "Heim Sisters".

In the autumn of 1928, his former mentor János Bókai retired as head of pediatrics, and Heim was invited to take the post. He accepted the invitation, although he was sorry to leave Pécs. A few months after his appointment, he died from pneumonia at the age of 54. His body was interred at Kerepesi cemetery.

Pál Heim Children's Hospital in Budapest is named for him.