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English: Fatherland
Coat of arms of East Timor.svg

National anthem of  East Timor
Lyrics Francisco Borja da Costa, 1975
Music Afonso de Araujo, 1975
Adopted 2002

"Pátria" ("Fatherland") is the national anthem of East Timor. It was first used when East Timor unilaterally declared its independence from Portugal in 1975, moments before the Indonesian invasion. It was officially adopted as the national anthem when independence of East Timor was restored in 2002. It is the only national anthem in Southeast Asia not sung in indigenous Southeast Asian language but in Portuguese, a European language and also the co-official language of the country.

The music was composed by Afonso de Araujo, and the words were written by the poet Francisco Borja da Costa, who was killed on the day of the invasion. It was originally sung exclusively in Portuguese, however, there is now a Tetum version[1]


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