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På spåret
Genre Game show
Created by Ingvar Oldsberg, Lennart Andersson
Presented by Ingvar Oldsberg (1987–2009)
Kristian Luuk (2009–)
Judges Lennart "Hoa-Hoa" Dahlgren (1988)
Björn Hellberg (1995–2003, 2005–2009)
Carl-Jan Granqvist (2004)
Fredrik Lindström ( (2009–)
Theme music composer Bengt-Åke Andersson (1987-2010)
Augustifamiljen (2010-)
Country of origin  Sweden
Original language(s) Swedish
No. of seasons 28
No. of episodes 291
Production location(s) Sweden
Running time about 60 minutes
Original network SVT
First shown in 5 September 1987
Related shows Jorda rundt
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På spåret

På spåret (idiomatic translation On the Track) is a popular Swedish TV game show broadcast on SVT since 5 September 1987. The show, which is intended to be humorous yet educational, has remained one of the most popular TV shows in Sweden, attracting an average of 2,150,000 viewers during the 2007 season. The all-time record was set in March 1990, when 3.7 million people tuned in to see the show.[1] This means that nearly half of all Swedes saw the game show.

På spåret is an original format developed by Ingvar Oldsberg for SVT, and he hosted the show for many years. Author and tennis legend Björn Hellberg was promoted from contestant to permanent Oldsberg sidekick in 1995 after winning for four straight seasons. Famous gourmet, restaurant-owner, and former contestant Carl-Jan Grankvist sat in for Hellberg during the 2004 season.[2]

In 2009, after 21 years, Oldsberg and Hellberg left and Kristian Luuk took over as the host with Fredrik Lindström as judge.


Two teams of well-known Swedes (during the initial seasons each team had three participants each, however this was later reduced to two) compete against each other. Participants are shown filmed journeys (usually filmed from the front of a train) and the objective is for each team to identify the destination of the train, using clues from the host. The clues, which often include puns and far-fetched word play, get progressively easier as the train approaches its destination, and the number of points awarded for a correct answer accordingly declines. After the journey both teams answer questions related to the destination city, and collect more points.

Each one-hour show has three filmed journeys, typically with one Swedish and two foreign destinations. During some previous years, Oldsberg and Hellberg used to read a text dressed up as Dr. Watson and Sherlock Holmes, giving progressively easier clues about a specific celebrity. The team that first identified the celebrity won points, or instead lost if the answer was wrong. Later "Holmes and Watson" was substituted by "Tintin and Captain Haddock". However, following the 50th anniversary of SVT in 2006, this was replaced by showing archive footage, and the contestants were challenged to name the year the footage was from. The last few years a famous person again has been the challenge of the 60 seconds archive footage clues.


In recent years, each season have consisted of a tournament with three groups of three teams each. The winner of each group qualify for the semi finals; the fourth semi finalist is decided by a "quarter final" match between the two best teams that placed second in their respective groups.


Until 1995 each team consisted of three people, since then the contestants have competed in pairs. The show typically feature intelligent, humorous and well-known celebrities, such as sports journalist Lotta Bromé, restaurateur Carl-Jan Grankvist, former weight-lifter Lennart "Hoa-Hoa" Dahlgren, comedians/TV-hosts Filip & Fredrik, Olympic high-jump champion Stefan Holm, and actor/TV personality Peter Harryson, sportsjournalist Johanna Frändén to name a few.

Contestants 2007–08[edit]

Contestants 2008–09[edit]


Contestants 2009–10[edit]


Contestants 2012–13[edit]

Contestants 2013–14[edit]

Contestants 2014–15[edit]


Past winners[edit]


Season Winner Runners-up
1987 Lennart "Hoa-Hoa" Dahlgren, Margareta Söderström & Thomas Wernerson
1988 Björn Hellberg, Mats Strandberg & Bengt Grive
1990 Björn Hellberg, Mats Strandberg & Joakim Nyström Margareta Söderström, Lennart "Hoa-Hoa" Dahlgren & Thomas Wernerson
1991 Björn Hellberg, Mats Strandberg & Bengt Grive Putte Wickman, Birgit Carlstén & Lennart Broström
1993 Björn Hellberg, Mats Strandberg & Bengt Grive Lasse Strömstedt, Inger Nilsson & Kicki Hultin
1995 Cecilia Hagen & Tomas Tengby Peter Harryson & Eva Bysing
1996 Tommy Engstrand & Birgit Carlstén Bengt Järnblad & Ma Oftedal
1997 Peter Harryson & Malin Peterson Adde Malmberg & Cecilia Hagen
1998 Carl Jan Granqvist & Lotta Bromé Lasse Eriksson & Ulrika Knutson
1999 Peter Harryson & Carina Lidbom Birgit Carlstén & Sven Melander
2000 Agneta Bolme Börjefors & Adde Malmberg Birgit Carlstén & Sven Melander
2001 Annette Kullenberg & Jesper Aspegren Lotta Bromé & Carl Jan Granqvist
2002 Carina Lidbom & Tommy Engstrand Cecilia Hagen & Lennart "Hoa-Hoa" Dahlgren
2003 Ingela Agardh & Stefan Holm Cecilia Hagen & Lennart "Hoa-Hoa" Dahlgren
2004 Ellinor Persson & Dick Harrison Ingela Agardh & Stefan Holm
2005–06 Katarina Mazetti & Stefan Holm Adde Malmberg & Magdalena Forsberg
2006–07 Caroline af Ugglas & Göran Hägg Anne Lundberg & Johan Wester
2007–08 Anne Lundberg & Johan Wester Cecilia Hagen & Lennart "Hoa-Hoa" Dahlgren
2008–09 Lisa Syrén & Johan Wester Jessika Gedin & Hans Rosenfeldt
2009–10 Johanna Koljonen & Marcus Birro Hélène Benno & Peter Apelgren
2010–11 Peter Apelgren & Hélène Benno Martina Haag & Erik Haag
2011–12 Martina Haag & Erik Haag Niklas Strömstedt & Jenny Strömstedt
2012–13 Ellinor Persson & Dick Harrison Cecilia Hagen & Lennart "Hoa-Hoa" Dahlgren
2013–14 Helena von Zweigbergk & Göran Everdahl Elisabet Höglund & Jesper Rönndahl
2014–15 Elisabet Höglund & Jesper Rönndahl Fredrik Wikingsson & Filip Hammar
2015–16 Elisabet Höglund & Jesper Rönndahl Anna Ekström & Göran Hägglund
2016–17 Johan Hilton & Kristin Lundell Isobel Hadley-Kamptz & Kalle Lind
2017–18 Josefin Johansson & Johar Bendjelloul Amie Bramme Sey & Gunnar Bolin

Some of the participants have been celebreties in Sweden, more due to this show, than for anything they were before. This applies especially for the former weightlifter Lennart "Hoa-Hoa" Dahlgren. Although far from unknown before his first participation, his celebrity rose quite a lot due to his geographical knowledge. But also Björn Hellberg, Carl Jan Granqvist, Johanna Koljonen are included among the ones who perhaps are more associated with this television show than anything else, at the time and to the general public at least.

International adaptations[edit]

The format was sold to the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, where the show was called Jorda rundt (literally meaning Around the World). It was canceled after only one season (1998–99).[7]


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