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Dansk påläggschoklad, skivor i omslagspapper.jpg
Type Confectionery
Place of origin Denmark
Main ingredients Chocolate or compound chocolate
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Pålægschokolade are thin slices of chocolate (or vekao) that are used as a topping (in Danish, pålæg) on bread, such as rugbrød or white bread. It is available in both light and dark chocolate, with the light variety being more common (the Danish confectionery Toms sells 70% light and 30% dark). Pålægschokolade is found primarily in Denmark. In most other countries, Nutella and other chocolate spreads are more popular. In recent years, organic varieties of pålægschokolade have been introduced into the market.

Pålægschokolade was invented by Galle & Jessen in 1963[1]

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