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Pål Nyrén (born 1955) is a biochemistry professor at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm.[1] He is most famous for developing the pyrosequencing method for DNA sequencing.[2][3]


  • 1999 Professor in Biochemistry, KTH, Stockholm
  • 1997 Founder of the company Biotage AB (former Pyrosequencing AB)
  • 1988 Associate professor (Docent) Biochemistry, University of Stockholm
  • 1985-86 Postdoc at LMB, MRC, Cambridge, G.B. with prof John Walker
  • 1985 Ph.D. (Tekn. Doktor) Biochemistry, University of Stockholm (Thesis title: "The proton pumping pyrophosphatase from Rhodospirillum rubrum")
  • 1981 M.Sc. (Civ. ing.) Chemical Engineering, KTH, Stockholm



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