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Penama in Vanuatu
Flag of Penama Province

Penama is one of the six provinces of Vanuatu, located in the northeast of the country and consisting of three major islands:

The name Penama is derived from the initial letters of PENtecost, Ambae and MAeo.


It has a population of 30,819 (2009 census) [1] people and an area of 1,198 km². Its capital is Saratamata on Ambae.

Emalus Penama Student Association[edit]

Students from Penama Province studying at the Emalus Cumpus form a body call Emalus Penama Students Association (EPSA). This name is an umbrella term sheltering all Penama students and Provide them with certain academic needs such as free Printing account. The association is proposing a Scholarship scheme, but not yet active. The Current nine executive members are: Precedent (Mr. Glen Bule) Vice Precedent (Mr. Benard Boe) Secretary (Susana Tambe) Vice Secretary (Ms. Maceline AKa) Treasurer (Mr. Richie Melsul) Vice Treasurer (Ms. Anjoy Aru) Pentecost Representative (Mr. Tatanie) Ambae (Ms. Marry Vina) Maewo Representative (Watson Mwera)

Penama Provincial Anthem

Gudfala place blong yumi everyone long north God I givin long yumi Pentecost, Ambai, Maewo Trifala I kam wan mo serem wan solwora Trifala I kam wan long nam ia Penama Penama province hemi place blong yumi tu

Ol ielands blong yumi ikat ol samthing I stap Custom mo respect mo gudfala fasin tu Land diver long Pentecost, Manaro long Ambae, Waterfall long Maewo every place I green oltaem Penama province hemi place blong yumi tu

Plante wok hemi stap long ol ieland blong yumi Be yumi must developem gud province ia blong yumi Yumi must kam wan wok from future blong yumi Wan spirit wan goal long nem ia Penama Penama province hemi place blong yumi tu

Post By Melsul Richie Edited By: celine

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Name Population Area in km2
Aoba 10,407 398
Maewo 3,569 269
Pentecost 16,843 490


  1. ^ 2009 Census Summary release final - Government of Vanuatu

Coordinates: 15°30′S 168°00′E / 15.500°S 168.000°E / -15.500; 168.000