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Périhane Chalabi Cochin (more commonly known as Péri Cochin) is a French TV host with Iraqi Lebanese origins. She was born in Beirut on May 28, 1965 and grew up in Tyre in a Shi’a Muslim family. She left Lebanon for France in 1975 when the Lebanese Civil War broke.

She lives in Paris where she married Guillaume Cochin, a famous French architect. She has 4 sons. Although she also studied architecture, Péri Cochin has been involved in many other businesses. In 2001, she started to work as a TV host in “On a tout essayé”, a famous French TV show broadcast on France 2. She has now left Laurent Ruquier's team and is expected to have her own show on decoration and “art de vivre” on the same channel in the beginning of 2008.

Péri Cochin also produces adaptations of French TV shows for the Arab world (“Chakou Makou”, “Adam wa Awa”, “Taratata”…). Most of these shows are recorded in Lebanon and then broadcast by satellite in all Arab countries.

External links[edit]

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  • [1] Speech of Péri Cochin during a demonstration against the July 2006 war on Lebanon.