Pătrașcu the Good

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Pătrașcu the Good
Lord of Wallachia
Patrascu cel Bun.jpg
Reign 1554—24 December 1557
Predecessor Mircea the Shepherd
Successor Mircea the Shepherd
Died 24 December 1557
Burial Dealu Monastery
Issue (allegedly):
Petru Cercel
Michael the Brave
House Drăculești
Father Radu Paisie
Mother Ruxandra Basarab

Pătrașcu the Good (Romanian: Pătrașcu cel Bun) was the Lord (hospodar) of Wallachia between 1554 and 24 December 1557, a member of the House of Drăculești.


Pătraşcu was the son of Radu Paisie.

His wife was named Voica.[citation needed] Some historians consider Petru Cercel, who ruled Wallachia 1583 to 1588, to have been the son of Pătrașcu.[1] Michael the Brave, who ruled Wallachia 1593–1601, is considered by most historians to have been a son of Pătrașcu, while others believe that he invented his descent in order to justify his rule.[2] The two alleged sons were painted together at an inner wall of a church at Caluiu.[3]

On 24 December 1557 Pătraşcu died in unclear circumstances in Bucharest.[4] Pătrașcu was buried at Dealu Monastery. He was called "the Good" by historians because he had a peaceful reign, without any murdering of nobility.


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