Pădurea Craiului Mountains

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Pădurea Craiului Mountains

The Pădurea Craiului Mountains are in the northwestern part of the Apuseni Mountains of the Carpathian Mountain range, located between the Vad-Borod Depression and Beiuş Depression. The Dealurile Vestice (Western Hills) are located to the west of these mountains and the Vlădeasa Mountains are to their east. The highest peak in Pădurea Craiului is Hodrâncuşa at 1027 metres. The name Pădurea Craiului literally means "The Forest of the King".

The mountains have an area of 1150 km² and are located in the central-eastern part of Bihor County, covering 15.2% of its surface area. They are also the mountainous area nearest to Oradea (which is about 35 km away from Vârciorog, and 60 km away of Şuncuiuş).

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Coordinates: 46°52′N 22°29′E / 46.867°N 22.483°E / 46.867; 22.483