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Barn and shelter, Picardo Farm
Gardening at Picardo Farm
Interbay P-Patch Garden Shed

A P-Patch is a parcel of property used for gardening allotments; the term is specific to Seattle, Washington. The "P" originally stood for "Picardo", after the family who owned Picardo Farm in Seattle's Wedgwood neighborhood, part of which became the original P-Patch.[1] (A folk etymology attributes it to "pea patch".)

List of P-Patches[edit]

  1. Jackson Park, 10th Ave. N.E. & N.E. 133rd St.
  2. Pinehurst, 12th Ave. N.E. & N.E. 115th St.
  3. Evanston, Evanston Ave. N. & N. 102nd St.
  4. Ballard, 25th Ave. N.W. & N.W. 85th St.
  5. Picardo Farm, 26th Ave. N.E. & N.E. 82nd St.
  6. Burke-Gilman Gardens, 5200 Mithun Pl. N.E.
  7. Magnuson, Sand Point Way N.E. & N.E. 70th St.
  8. Ravenna, 5200 Ravenna Ave. N.E.
  9. Good Shepherd, Bagley Ave. N. & N. 47th St.
  10. University District, 8th Ave. N.E. & N.E. 40th St.
  11. Interbay, 2451 15th Avenue West Windows Live Local Map
  12. Eastlake, 2900 Fairview Ave. E.
  13. Colman Park, 32nd Ave. S. & S. Grand St.
  14. Snoqualmie, 13th Ave. S. & S. Snoqualmie St.
  15. Ferdinand, Columbia Dr. S. & S. Ferdinand St.
  16. Delridge, 5078 25th Ave. S.W.
  17. University Heights, 5031 University Way N.E.
  18. Thistle, Martin Luther King Jr. Way S. & S. Cloverdale St.
  19. Judkins, 24th Ave. S. & S. Norman St.
  20. Republican, 20th Ave. E. & E. Republican St.
  21. Alki, 2126 Alki Ave S.W.
  22. Bradner Gardens Park, 29th Ave. S. & S. Grand St.
  23. Estelle Street, 3400 Rainier Ave. S.
  24. Phinney Ridge, 3rd Ave. N.W. & N.W. 60th St.
  25. Ida Mia Garden, E. Madison St., 32nd Ave. E. & Lake Washington Blvd. E.
  26. Fremont West, Baker Ave. N.W. & N.W. 42nd St.
  27. Belltown, Elliott Ave. & Vine St.
  28. Queen Anne, 3rd Ave. N. & Lynn St.
  29. Hillman City, 46th Ave. S. & S. Lucille St.
  30. Hiawatha, S. Dearborn St. & Hiawatha Pl. S.
  31. Squire Park, 14th Ave. & E. Fir St.
  32. Fremont, Woodland Park Ave. N. & N. 39th St.
  33. Cascade, Minor Ave. N. & Thomas St.
  34. Thomas Street Gardens, 1010 E. Thomas St.
  35. Greenwood, 345 N.W. 88th St.
  36. Marra Farm, 4th Ave. S. & S. Director St.
  37. Haller Lake, 13045 1st Ave. N.E.
  38. Greg's Garden (formerly East Ballard), 14th Ave. N.W. & N.W. 54th St.
  39. Immaculate, 18th Ave. & E. Columbia St.
  40. Courtland Place, 36th Ave. S. & S. Spokane St.
  41. Pelican Tea Garden, E. Mercer St. & 19th Ave. E.
  42. Roosevelt, 7012 12th Ave. N.E.
  43. Mad P, 30th Ave. E. & E. Mercer St.
  44. Queen Pea, 5th Ave. N. & Howe St.
  45. Thyme Patch Park, 28th Ave. N.W. & N.W. 58th St.
  46. Beacon Bluff, S. Massachusetts St. & 13th Ave. S.
  47. Longfellow Creek, 25th Ave. S.W. & S.W. Thistle St.
  48. Linden Orchard, Linden Ave. N. & N. 67th St.
  49. Brandon Street Orchard, S. Brandon St. & 47th Ave. S.
  50. Lincoln Park, Fauntleroy Ave. S.W. & S.W. Webster St.
  51. Angel Morgan, S. Morgan St. & 42nd Ave. S.
  52. Maple Leaf, 5th Ave. N.E. & N.E. 103rd St.
  53. Oxbow Park, Corson Ave. S. & S. Eddy St.
  54. Hawkins Garden, E. Jefferson St. & Martin Luther King Jr. Way
  55. Genessee, 41st Ave S.W. & S.W. Genesee St.
  56. Howell Collective Gardens, 1514 E Howell St

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  • Official site, as part of the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods
  • P-Patch Trust, a non-profit land trust supporting community gardening in Seattle.