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P-code can refer to:

  • Precompiled code, for example Java Byte code, etc.
  • Obfuscated code in MATLAB
  • p-code machine (precompiled-code machine)
  • pseudo-code used in the UCSD p-System ("Pascal system")
  • Microsoft P-Code, an alternate binary format for Microsoft Windows libraries and applications
  • P-code ("precision code"), a part of the Global Positioning System signal
  • In the automotive industry, P-codes are engine diagnostic codes (also called fault codes) displayed by an OBD-II scanner. The term refers to the format used to display the fault code, which consists of the letter P followed by four digits. See "Table of OBD-II Codes" for a list of these codes
  • pseudo-code generated by the PL/SQL compiler, based on the parsed code. This code then gets executed when the relevant procedure or package is invoked
  • Place code