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P. N. Elrod
BornPatricia Nead Elrod
GenreFantasy, horror, mystery

Patricia Nead Elrod (b. 1954)[1] is an American novelist specializing in urban fantasy. She has written in the mystery, romance, paranormal, and historical genres with at least one foray into comedic fantasy. Elrod is also an editor, having worked on several collections for Ace Science Fiction, DAW, Benbella Books, and St. Martin's Griffin. She self-published a signed, limited edition novel under her own imprint, Vampwriter Books.

In 2010, she was nominated for the RT Book Reviews Career Achievement Award in Urban Fantasy.[2]

In 2011, she was presented with the RT Book Reviews Pioneer Achievement Award in Vampire Fiction.[3]

Her suspense short story, Beach Girl, won the 2011 Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine Readers Choice Award.[4]


P. N. Elrod's start in professional publishing began at TSR writing gaming modules.[5] She has published more than twenty-five novels, beginning in 1990 with her Vampire Files urban fantasy series, featuring hard-boiled PI Jack Fleming and his partner, Charles Escott, girlfriend, Bobbi Smythe, and other recurring characters. The 12 books and counting are set in 1930s Chicago. Jack's first case was solving his own murder.[6]

Next came the Jonathan Barrett, Gentleman Vampire series, set during the American Revolution. The twist on these historicals is that Barrett and his family are on the side of the British throughout the revolution, offering a unique point of view of the times.

Another series co-authored with actor Nigel Bennett, who played the evil yet seductive LaCroix on the television show Forever Knight, is of a very different character, but still features a good guy vampire. The three book Lord Richard, Vampire series from Baen Books are set in a different universe than the Files & Barrett books, but this "James Bond with fangs" maintains Elrod's premise that there are different breeds of vampires co-existing out there.

Using this premise, she has linked her universe to that of Bram Stoker with her sequel to Dracula, Quincey Morris, Vampire. Quincey was killed at the end of Dracula, but is resurrected as a vampire himself, albeit a different breed than the infamous count. Lord Richard makes a brief cameo appearance in the story, and Morris' vampiric state is attributed to a previous blood-sharing with Nora Jones from Elrod's Jonathan Barrett series.

Also quite different, and qualifying as horror, are the Dungeons & Dragons-related books in the Ravenloft world featuring the dark and sinister vampire Count Strahd von Zarovich. These books, I, Strahd: Memoirs of a Vampire, and its sequel, I, Strahd: The War With Azalin, have garnered her critical acclaim from mainstream reviewers.

With The Adventures of Myhr she broke into the humorous fantasy genre. Myhr is half-man, half-cat and all adventure, magically jumping from world to world spreading the good news about pizza and Beatles karaoke. His partner is a cranky wizard fond of techno raves and obscene T-shirt art.

Elrod has authored around two dozen short stories in the fantasy, romance, science fiction, mystery, and horror genres, and edited several collections including Time of the Vampires, Dracula's London, and with Roxanne Conrad (aka Rachel Caine) Stepping Through the Stargate: The Science, Archaeology, and Military of Stargate SG-1 The latter is non-fiction and has contributions from world-famous scientists, doctors, the USAF military, FX wizards, and actors from the TV series.

In 2006, she edited an anthology of supernatural romance stories, My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding, which made the USA Today Bestseller list,[citation needed] and won the 2006 P.E.A.R.L. Awards for best anthology.[citation needed]

She followed it with My Big Fat Supernatural Honeymoon, released in January 2008 from St. Martin's Griffin.[7] It made the New York Times Bestseller extended list[8] and won an honorable mention in the 2007 Pearl Awards for best anthology.[9]

The anthology, Strange Brew, from St. Martin's, also reached the New York Times extended bestseller list in July 2009.[citation needed]

Her collection Dark and Stormy Knights, also with St. Martin's Griffin, was released in July 2010.

Also sold, a new steampunk series, On Her Majesty's Psychic Service, to Tor Books in 2010.

In April 2011, Elrod was presented with the RT Book Review's Pioneers of Genre Fiction Award for "Forging the Way in Vampire Fiction Since 1990."[10]

Her short story, "Beach Girl", published in the November 2011 edition of Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, was presented with first place for their annual Readers' Choice Award.[4]

Her collection, Hex Symbols, was released by St. Martin's in June 2012.


Jonathan Barrett, Gentleman Vampire[edit]

  • Red Death (1993, 2004 re-release)
  • Death and the Maiden (1994, 2004 re-release)
  • Death Masque (1995, (2004 re--release)
  • Dance of Death (1996, 2004 re-release)

The hard copies are presently out of print, but the audio books are all available.


  • I, Strahd: The Memoirs of a Vampire (1993, ISBN 1-56076-670-0)

Abridged, three-hour audiobook from Random House, performed by Roddy McDowell

Both available as audiobooks, unabridged.

Vampire Files[edit]

  • Bloodlist (1990)
  • Lifeblood (1990)
  • Bloodcircle (1990)
  • Art in the Blood (1991)
  • Fire in the Blood (1991)
  • Blood on the Water (1992)
  • Chill in the Blood (1998) (Winner of the Lord Ruthven Award, best novel 1999)
  • Dark Sleep (1999)
  • Lady Crymsyn (2000)
  • Cold Streets (2003)
  • Song in the Dark (2005)
  • Dark Road Rising (2009)
  • The Devil You Know (Signed, limited-edition novella, Vampwriter Books, April 2009)

Vampire Files collection[edit]

  • Vampire Files Vol. 1, Books 1-3 (2003)
  • Vampire Files Vol. 2, Books 4-6 (2006)
  • Vampire Files Vol. 3, Books 7, 8 (2011)
  • Vampire Files Vol. 4, Books 9, 10 (2011)
  • Vampire Files Vol. 5, Books 11, 12 (2012)

The hard copies are presently out of print, but the audio books are all available.

Other novels[edit]

Co-writing with Nigel Bennett[edit]


  • Time of the Vampires Short Story "The Witch's Mark" (with Martin H. Greenberg) (1996) (2004)
  • Dracula in London Story: "Wolf and Hound" co-written with Nigel Bennett (2001)
  • Stepping Through the Stargate "Villains I Love to Hate" (2004) (with Roxanne L. Conrad)
  • My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding (2006) Winner of the 2006 Pearl Award for best paranormal anthology.
  • My Big Fat Supernatural Honeymoon (2008) Honorable Mention, 2007 Pearl Award, best paranormal anthology.
  • Strange Brew (July 2009) Honorable Mention, 2009 Pearl Award, Best Anthology
  • Dark and Stormy Knights (July 2010)
  • Hex Appeal (St. Martin's Griffin, June 2012)
  • The P.N. Elrod Lunch Time Reading Omnibus (June 2011, B0051PC6N8, Vampwriter Books)

Short stories[edit]

  • "The Wind Breathes Cold", Dracula, Prince of Darkness, Ed. Martin H. Greenberg, DAW, 1992
  • "Caretaker", Dracula, Prince of Darkness, Ed. Martin H. Greenberg, DAW, 1992
  • "You'll Catch Your Death", Vampire Detectives, Ed. Martin H. Greenberg, DAW, 1995 (Vampire Files story)
  • "A Night at the (Horse) Opera", Celebrity Vampires, Ed. Martin H. Greenberg, DAW, 1995
  • "Fugitives", Women at War, Ed. Lois McMaster Bujold & Roland J. Green, Tor, 1995
  • "The Quick Way Down", Mob Magic, Ed. Brian Thomsen & Martin H. Greenberg, DAW, 1998 (Vampire Files story)
  • "Myhr's Adventure in Hell", Assassin Fantastic, Ed. Martin H. Greenberg & Alexander Potter, DAW, 2001
  • "Dog Spelled Backwards", Familiars, Ed. Denise Little, DAW, 2002
  • "The Tea Room Beasts", Creature Fantastic, Ed. Denise Little, DAW, 2002
  • "The Astral Outrage", Vengeance Fantastic, Ed. Denise Little, DAW, 2002
  • "Bossman", Death by Horoscope, Ed. Anne Perry & John Helfers, Carroll & Graf, 2002
  • "The Scottish Ploy", Murder Most Romantic, Ed. Denise Little, 2002
  • "Izzy's Shoe-In", White House Pet Detectives, Ed. Carole Nelson Douglas, Cumberland House, 2002
  • "The Breath of Bast", Kittens, Cats, and Crime, Ed. Ed Gorman, Five Star, March 2003 (Vampire Files story - Escott)
  • "Silva's Dream Date", Sorcerer's Academy, Ed. Denise Little, DAW PB, September 2003
  • "Slaughter", The Repentant, Ed. Brian M. Thomsen and Martin H. Greenberg, PB, October 2003 (Vampire Files story)
  • "Tarnished Linings", Magic Shops, Ed. Denise Little, DAW PB, February 2004
  • "Death in Dover", Death by Dickens anthology, Ed. Ann Perry, 2004
  • "King of Shreds and Patches", Rotten Relations, Ed. Denise Little, PB OOP, 2004
  • "Farscape Villains I've Known and Loved", Farscape Forever!: Sex, Drugs and Killer Muppets, BenBella Books, 2005
  • "The Name of the Game", All Hell Breaking Loose, DAW Books, 2005
  • "The Night Stalker", Essay for Horror: Another 100 best Books, Ed. Kim Newman, Carroll & Graf, Sept, 2005
  • "The Why of the Matter", Kolchak, the Night Stalker Chronicles, Moonstone Books, October 2005
  • "Power Hungry", The Kolchak Casebook, Moonstone Books, January 2007
  • "Grave-robbed", Many Bloody Returns, Ace Science Fiction, 2007 (Vampire Files story)
  • "Vampires Prefer Blondes", Chicks Kick Butt, Tor Books, June 2011 (Vampire Files universe story)
  • "The Company You Keep", Vampires: Dracula and the Undead Legions, Moonstone Books, 2009 (Vampire Files story - Kroun)
  • "Dark Lady", Dark and Stormy Knights, St. Martin's Griffin, 2010 (Vampire Files story)
  • "Vampires Prefer Blondes", Chicks Kick Butt, Tor, June 2011 (Vampire Files story - Bobbi Smythe)
  • "Beach Girl", Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, November 2011 (original story); winner of EQMM Readers Choice Award for 2011[4]
  • "Outside the Box", Hex Appeal, St. Martin's Griffin, June 2012 (Vampire Files universe story, Ellinghaus & Goldfarb)


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