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Studio album by The Mad Capsule Markets
Released November 21, 1991
Recorded Winter, 1991
Genre Hardcore punk
Length 26:51
Label Victor, Invitation CD: VICL-243
Producer The Mad Capsule Markets
The Mad Capsule Markets chronology
Capsule Soup
Alternative cover
Alternative artwork for P.O.P.

P.O.P is the second album by The Mad Capsule Markets and their major label debut. It was a faster, thrashier effort than their debut album Humanity, and featured new guitarist Ai Ishigaki. Many lyrics were edited out for content (see below for information). The album was issued with two different covers.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Human Protest" – 1:17
  2. "Sanbyoukan no" (3秒間の.. Three Second?) – 1:46
  3. "Gichi" (ギチ Nut?) – 1:51
  4. "Mad Chuudoku" (Mad中毒 Mad Poison?) – 1:42
  5. "Harinezumi to XX" (ハリネズミとXX XX With a Hedgehog?) – 2:53
  6. "Ayatsuri ningyo" (あやつり人形 Marionette?) – 2:55
  7. "Life Game" – 3:57
  8. "Karakuri no soko" (カラクリの底 Trick's Bottom?) – 2:38
  9. "Yourself Look!!" – 3:29
  10. "People Is Destroy of Mind" – 1:50
  11. "White Low Child" – 2:26

Info on song censorship[edit]

From Gichi blogspot.[1]


On the song "Gichi" (which featured a controversial and disturbing video with live footage, scenes of executions, scenes of dead soldiers/civilians, and clips from banned 40's cartoon Private Snafu) Kyono says "Sid", "Johnny", and "Jimmy", it was later revealed that these names refer to Sid Vicious, John Lydon and Jim Morrison. He also says "fuck, fuck Bush" which is a reference to George H. W. Bush, who was President of the U.S. at that time.

In Japanese the word kichigai means someone who is mentally not quite right (Ki means someone's spirit/mind/mental state and chigai means different/strange/wrong). In slang, this becomes kichi and apparently MAD further changed this to gichi. In Japanese, the character for Gi is the same as the one for Ki but with a double dash. If you look on the "Gichi" single cover, the double dash is in a different colour (red) and is so less noticeable, showing the original meaning. Kichi is a politically incorrect derogatory term that was essentially prohibited from Japanese media, so they used Gichi instead, which might mean a "head case" or something similar.

"San Byoukan no Jisatsu" ("3 second suicide")[edit]

The original version of San Byoukan no Jisatsu (found on the Insect Noise release of Humanity) contains an extra line "Tobioriru no sa!" This line was xxxxxx-ed on P.O.P and has been totally silenced on the re-release of Humanity and on the Best of 1990-1996 CD. Also, on the insert for the re-release of Humanity the "Jisatsu" (suicide) on the track list has been scribbled out.

"Life Game"[edit]

The original version of "Life Game" also contains extra lyrics that have been blanked out in the re-release version and xxxxxx-ed in the P.O.P version, these can be found when CraY (Takeshi) first sings and when Kyono sings partway into the song – The missing words from CraY's section are within the brackets – [Omae no atama ga] kurutte iku no o ore wa itsudemo matte iru no saa.

The missing words from Kyono's section are within this second set of brackets (these do not seem to be missing from the P.O.P release) – [Kurue kurue kurutte shimae!] Omae no koto nado shiranai kara (the lyrics outside the brackets change but the first part is still missing each time)

"Mad Chuudoku" ("Mad Poison")[edit]

On Mad Chuudoku, the first time, (Kyono) sings "Yatsu kara mireba" then sings nothing for the xxxxxx bit on the P.O.P version. 2nd time, CraY sings "Yatsu kara mireba, [Seishinijyousha]". And the final time CraY sings "Ore kara mireba, [Seishinijyousha]" (parts within the brackets are the xxxxxx-ed parts)

"Harinezumi to XX" ("XX with a Hedgehog")[edit]

The xxx-ed lines on this song are "Poli" and "Yes fuck'in police". When performed live it is "Harinezumi to Poli" (which is sometimes followed by a "Sa Sa Sa", making it Police) and later on into the song the repeated lines "Yes fuck'in police" are xxxxxx-ed... (the Police part is xxxxxx-ed) along with some other lines in the song.

"People Is Destroy of Mind"[edit]

This song only contains one part of a line that was xxxxxx-ed, the line can be found around middle of the song – the xxxxxx-ed parts are the words "Jiheishou no handoru"

History of the xxxxxx[edit]

Later, they were told to get rid of "tobioriru no sa" on the Humanity version of "3 Second Suicide", so they decided to make it blatantly censored instead of changing the lyric and added the infamous xxxxxx noise, they then decided to take it one step further and add xxxxxx to lyrics from other tracks.

Year Album Chart Position
1990 P.O.P Official Japanese Albums Chart 100


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