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Ayyakannu is a lawyer and farmer born in Tamil Nadu. He is at present famously known widely through India for his protest against the central government at New Delhi, demanding the agricultural loan in cooperative banks to be abandoned. He is also the founder and president of National South Indian River Interlinking Agriculturist Association.[1]

Personal Details[edit]

Ayyakannu is a lawyer, farmer and president of National South Indian River Interlinking Agriculturist Association. He was first in the RSS affiliated Bharatiya Kisan Sangh. He also served as its state deputy general secretary. At the time when BJP came to power in 2014, he continued protest against central government giving voice to agriculture related problems. So then he left Bharatiya Kisan Sangh and opened his own association for the welfare of farmers.[1]

2016 Drought and uprising of TN farmers[edit]

Tamil Nadu in 2016 suffered severe drought than in 100 years. This made agriculture to go down in the year and many farmers died due to heart attacks seeing their charred crops. In this a new problem arose, the cooperative bank loans. The farmers were unable to pay the loans back. The farmers asked the government to abandon the loan they got in cooperative banks.As the government of both the central and state didn't move their way, they started protesting against them with Ayyakannu as their head, in New Delhi. Ayyakannu led protestants in New Delhi did different methods to show their pains to the Central Government. [2] They protested by eating the meats of rat, having snake in their mouth and etc, under the advise of Ayyakannu.

Conflict between H. Raja and Ayyakannu[edit]

The another important matter that happened at the time of the above protest is the fight between H. Raja (National Secretary of BJP) and Ayyakannu. H. Raja spoke in media that Ayyakannu is a fraud. Then conflict between both burst out. H. Raja further tweeted that Ayyakannu was in connection with Afzal Guru for years and years. Raja's this tweet was criticised by the political paries of Congress, DMK etc.[3]


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