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P. Box (which stood for the name Pandora's Box) is a Hungarian hard rock band formed by two ex-P. Mobil members: Sándor Bencsik and István Cserháti in 1980. The band disbanded in 1986 due to Cserháti's settling in Debrecen, which is 220 km from the capital city Budapest. The band was revived in 2001 by Cserháti, with the members of Szfinx and Aberra. On August 21, 2005, Cserháti died in cancer. He was 51 years old. In November 2005, the band changed the official name to Pandora's Box.
The band broke up in 2006, giving their last concerts on 3 November 2006, in Debrecen and on 11 November 2006, in Budapest. They returned on the Summer of 2009. Meanwhile, two ex-members, József Sáfár and István Szabó formed another band with the same name.



  • Miklós Varga 1980-1983, 1986
  • Gyula Vikidál (ex-P. Mobil, ex-Dinamit) 1983-1986
  • Árpád "Kori" Koroknai (ex-Szfinx) 2001-


  • Sándor "Samu" Bencsik (ex-P. Mobil) 1980-1986 (†1987)
  • József "Günter" Sándor (ex-Szfinx) 2001-


  • József "Öcsi" Sáfár (ex-V'73, ex-Volán) 1980-1984 (in 2009 he founded in parallel a band named P. Box)
  • László "Zsöci" Zselencz (ex-Edda) 1985-1986
  • Tibor "Cézi" Ferenczi (ex-Aberra) 2001-


  • István Szabó 1980-1984 (in 2009 he founded in parallel a band named P. Box)
  • Zoltán Pálmai (ex-P. Mobil, ex-Hobo Blues Band) 1985-1986
  • Tamás Bodó (ex-Aberra) 2001-


  • István Cserháti (ex-P. Mobil) 1980-1986; 2001-2005 (†2005)
  • Krisztián Szabó 2005- (session keyboards on concerts, later member)



  • 1982: P. Box
  • 1983: Kő kövön
  • 1985: Ómen
  • 2002: Reményre ítélve
  • 2003: Vágtass velünk! (live)
  • 2005: Pangea


  • 1995: A zöld, a bíbor és a fekete (to the memory of Sándor Bencsik, contains songs by P. Box, P. Mobil and Bill és a Box Company)
  • 1999: P. Box + Kő kövön


  • 1981: Halálkatlan/A bolond
  • 1982: A zöld, a bíbor és a fekete /Valami rock and roll
  • 2001: Újra nyitva


  • 1985: Gyula Vikidál: Vikidál Gyula (band members performing as guests, one hit performed by P. Box)
  • 1985: Mondd, mit ér egy falat kenyér? (various artists, P. Box played song Tízből vajon mennyi)