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Paul Charles Michaelis was a Bell Labs researcher in magnetic bubble memory.


Michaelis was born June 18, 1935, received BSEE and MS Physics from Newark College of Engineering (currently known as New Jersey Institute of Technology).


Michaelis spent 43 years with Bell Labs, primarily in Murray Hill and Whippany.

He was primarily dealing with mechanics, magnetics, fiber optics, electrical circuits, and device packaging. He also worked with underwater listening devices and equipment silencing for the United States Navy.

Michaelis was a Guest Lecturer in Magnetics at the Soviet Academy of Sciences in 1972.

Michaelis retired from Bell Labs in 1996 as Technical Manager of the Advanced Vibration Reduction Design Group.

Notable Awards[edit]

Michaelis received the 1975 IEEE Morris N. Liebmann Memorial Award "for the concept and development of single-walled magnetic domains (magnetic bubbles), and for recognition of their importance to memory technology."