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Rao Bahadur P. I. Chinnaswamy Pillai was the first Municipal Chairman (in 1893)[1] of Palakkad, Kerala, India. The title Rao Bahadur was conferred by the British for his contributions to Palghat Municipality's local administration.

In April 1, 1893 Rao Bahadur P.I. ChinnaSwamy Pillai was elected as the First Chairman Of Municipality Of Palghat. He was one of those great persons who changed the face of Palakkad.[2]

Rao Bahadur Chinnaswamy Pillai constructed the Sri Krishna Temple at Kunnathurmedu, Palakkad[3] and consecrated its deity in the early 19th century. In the book written by Dr. U.V. Samynathaiyar, MY History, there is a reference about Rao Bahadur Chinnaswamy Pillai, in Page No917. It is stated that Rao Bahadur Chinnaswamy Pillai is a great Tamil Abimony.

It is evident from that book, Rao Bahadur Chinnaswamy Pillai, had written an article about Patthu Pattu in an article in Hindu Published on 13 - 3- 1890 in the name Historics.