P. Virsky Ukrainian National Folk Dance Ensemble

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Virsky in performance

P. Virsky Ukrainian National Folk Dance Ensemble (Ukrainian: Національний заслужений академічний ансамбль танцю України ім. П.П.Вірського; also referred to simply as Virsky) is a world-renowned Ukrainian dance company based out of Ukraine, well known for its innovative approach to the art form. The ensemble was founded in 1937 by Pavlo Virsky and Mykola Bolotov, and guided by Pavlo Virsky until his death in 1975. During World War II, Virsky performed for the soldiers at the front. In 1980, the company's artistic direction was overtaken by Myroslav Vantukh, who had been a disciple of Pavlo Virsky.[1] Virsky's aim is to create dances that embrace historical Ukrainian dance traditions as well as dances that are innovative and forward-moving.


Choreography by Pavlo Virsky[edit]

  • My Z Ukraine (English: We are from Ukraine)
  • Povzunets (English: Crawler), a Cossack comedy dance
  • Oi, Pid Vishneiu (English: Oh, Under a Cherry Tree)
  • Zaporozchi, National Ukrainian dance of Cossacks
  • Vyshyvalnytsi (English: Embroideresses)
  • Moriaky (English: Sailors)
  • Hopak

Choreography by Myroslav Vantukh[edit]

Virsky in performance
  • Carpathians
  • Tambourine Dance
  • The Years of Youth
  • In Peace and Harmony
  • Russian Suite
  • Ukraino, My Ukraino (English: Ukraine, My Ukraine)
  • Tsygansky, a Gypsy dance
  • The Volynsk Patterns
  • Kozachok


Cossacks’ Dance (performance in Donetsk, 2006)

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