P. palustris

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P. palustris may refer to:

  • Pandanus palustris, a plant species in the Pandanaceae family, endemic to Mauritius and threatened by habitat loss
  • Parnassia palustris, a plant species and the county flower of Cumberland and Sutherland in the United Kingdom
  • Pedicularis palustris, the marsh lousewort, a plant species in the genus Pedicularis
  • Pinus palustris, the longleaf pine, a pine species native to the southeastern United States
  • Poa palustris, the fowl bluegrass, fowl meadowgrass, swamp meadowgrass or woodland bluegrass, a grass species native to Asia, Europe and Northern America
  • Poecile palustris, a passerine bird in the tit family native to Europe and Asia
  • Proceratophrys palustris, a frog species in the Leptodactylidae family, endemic to Brazil


  • Potentilla palustris, a synonym for Comarum palustre, the purple marshlocks, swamp cinquefoil or marsh cinquefoil, a common waterside shrub species occurring throughout North America, Europe and Asia

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