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P1, P01 or P-1 may refer to:

Arts and entertainment[edit]

  • DR P1, a Danish radio network operated by Danmarks Radio
  • NRK P1, a Norwegian radio network operated by the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation
  • SR P1, a Swedish radio network operated by Sveriges Radio
  • The Adolescence of P-1, a 1977 novel
  • Polonia 1, a Polish TV channel of the Polcast Television
  • Pioneer One, an open source television series

Computing and telecommunications[edit]

  • DSC-P1, a 2000 Sony Cyber-shot P series camera model
  • Sony Ericsson P1, a UIQ 3 smartphone
  • Packet One, the first company to launch WiMAX service in Southeast Asia
  • Peer 1, an Internet hosting provider



Other sciences[edit]



  • P1 International, a car club founded in Leatherhead, Surrey, England
  • Alfa Romeo P1, a 1932 Grand Prix car
  • Allard P1, a 1949 British five seater two door sports saloon
  • McLaren P1, a 2012 concept sports car by McLaren expected to enter production in 2014
  • Porsche P1, first electric car produced by Ferdinand Porsche in 1898
  • P-1, development code-name of Subaru 1500
  • P1 race class in the Le Mans racing series



Other vehicles[edit]

Other uses[edit]

  • Papyrus 1, also known as P1, P1, or 1, an early papyrus copy of part of the New Testament
  • Walther P1, an aluminum-framed variant of the Walther P38 pistol