Highway P13 (Ukraine)

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Road P13
Автошлях P13
Route information
Length72.3 km (44.9 mi)
Major junctions
south end M 01 in Chernihiv
north endBelarusian border at Senkivka
RegionsChernihiv Oblast
Highway system
Roads in Ukraine
Senkivka border crossing

P13 is a regional road (P-Highway) in Chernihiv Oblast, Ukraine. It runs north-south and connects Chernihiv with a tri-side border.[1]

Main route[edit]

Main route and connections to/intersections with other highways in Ukraine.[2]

The road passes through many small populated places, among which the most notable are two former Cossack towns of Chernihiv Regiment Sedniv, a former estate of Lyzohub family, and Horodnia. Another former Cossack town, today is a small village of Kyselivka. Since 2009 in Sedniv exists a historical preserve Lyzohub Estate (Sadyba Lyzohubiv).

During the Soviet occupation, many villages in the region suffered from the Soviet policy of so called "black boards" which contributed to Holodomor.


In Chernihiv, the road connects to the major transportation corridor M01. In Kyselivka it intersects the P12 (Chernihiv – Novhorod-Siverskyi). Through Senivka in Belarus the road continues onto Belarusian road P124, and in Russia the continues onto Russian road M13.

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