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P2, P02, P.2, or P-2 might refer to several subjects:


  • P2 (storage media), a "Professional Plug-in" solid state data storage technology employed by Panasonic
  • DSC-P2, a Sony Cyber-shot P series camera model
  • Honda P2, a 1996 Honda P series of robots, an ASIMO predecessor
  • Intel 80286, 2nd generation processor architecture
  • Intel Pentium II, 6th generation central processing unit
  • Samsung P2, a 2007 flash memory based Yepp portable media player
  • P2 connector, a common name for the 3.5 mm TRS minijack connector in Brazil.


  • P2 receptor, a purinergic and pyrimidinergic cell surface receptor
  • P2, a pulmonic valve closure sound
  • P2, a former designation of Nix, a moon of Pluto
  • P2 or P200, in neuroscience a component of brain evoked-response potential (ERP)
  • ATC code P02 Anthelmintics, a subgroup of the Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification System
  • buffer P2, a lysis buffer solution
  • Period 2 of the periodic table
  • Pollution Prevention, or "P2", an environmental management strategy emphasizing avoiding waste rather than treating it
  • P
    , diphosphorus, an inorganic chemical


  • P-2 Hawk, a variant of the 1923 P-1 Hawk biplane fighter of the United States Army Air Corps
  • P-2 Neptune, known as "P2V Neptune" until 1962, a United States Navy maritime patrol and antisubmarine warfare aircraft introduced in 1947
  • Piaggio P.2, a 1923 Italian fighter prototype
  • Pilatus P-2, a Swiss Air Force trainer aircraft in service from 1946 to 1981
  • Polikarpov P-2, a Soviet Polikarpov biplane trainer prototype



  • P2 transport, a World War II passenger ship/troop ship design of the United States Maritime Commission
  • P2, a State 1st class road in Latvia
  • LNER Class P2, a locomotive designed by Sir Nigel Gresley


  • P2 (film), a 2007 suspense/thriller film directed by Franck Khalfoun
  • P2! -let's Play Pingpong!-, a Shonen manga from Tatsuma Ejiri of Weekly Shonen Jump
  • P2 virus, a fictional virus in the novel The Second Angel that suffocates its victims by blocking the hemoglobin's oxygen uptake in the blood
  • DR P2, a Danish radio channel playing classical music and jazz, literary programming and radio dramas
  • NRK P2, a Norwegian radio channel playing cultural programming operated by Norsk rikskringkasting
  • SR P2, a Swedish radio channel playing classical music, jazz and world music operated by Sveriges Radio
  • Portal 2, a multi platform videogame developed and published by Valve Corporation