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P2i Ltd
HeadquartersAbingdon, Oxfordshire, UK
Area served
Key people
Ady Moores (Group Chief Executive)
Dr Stephen Coulson (Founder and President Information Security)
Neal Harkrider(Chief Operating Officer)
Dr Andy Green(Chief Technology Officer)

P2i is a nanotechnology development company that works with manufacturers to produce liquid repellent nano-coating protection to products for the electronics, lifestyle, life sciences, filtration and Energy, and military and institutional sectors.[1]

The company was established in 2004 to commercialize technologies developed by the UK MoD’s Defense Science and Technology Laboratory.[2] In further research and development, the company has identified innovative applications, equipment and processing methods, and now has 170+ patents, patent applications and utility model applications (Feb, 2019). In 2010 the company acquired Surface Innovations Limited, adding new technologies such as antimicrobial, super hydrophilic and protein resistance coatings to its solutions.[3]

In addition to headquarters in the United Kingdom,[4] P2i has a processing facility in the United States,[5] offices in Shenzhen, China[6] and Taipei City, Taiwan,[7] and representation in Korea.[8] As of February 2016 P2i had deployed hundreds of its nano-coating systems globally, including factories in Brazil, Argentina, USA, China, India, Japan, Switzerland, Germany and the UK.[9]


Ion-mask water droplet material surface.jpg

The company’s platform technology is based on original PhD research [10] carried out in the late 1990s by P2i's Chief Technology Officer, Dr Stephen Coulson, within the Functional Surfaces group led by Professor Jas Pal Badyal at Durham University.[11]

The technology decreases the surface energy of products by developing an ultrathin polymer coating on all surfaces (based on perfluorinated carbon compounds). This acts to keep the products surface ‘neutral’ and therefore reduces the disruption of intermolecular bonds within a liquid.[12] According to P2i’s website,[13] instead of being attracted and spreading out on a product, liquids now remain in droplet formation and easily move away.[14]

The P2i technology employs plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition processing to apply an ultrathin polymer layer onto all surfaces of a product.[15][16] Their patented 'pulsed-plasma' process takes place under low pressure within a vacuum chamber at room temperature. The coating is introduced as a vapor and ionized. This allows for the development of the polymer layer, which forms a covalent bond with the product’s surface, making it extremely durable.

The technology can be readily applied onto a wide variety of items made from a diverse range of materials.[17] Occurring at low pressure, the coating penetrates complex three-dimensional objects, protecting it internally and externally in the one process. As the coating is one thousand times thinner than a human hair, it does not affect the look or feel of products, including the delicate components of electronic devices, or the breathability of lifestyle materials.[18]


Ion-mask water droplet material surface 2.jpg

Dr Coulson’s research project was funded by the United Kingdom's Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) which aimed to protect clothing from water and other liquids while maximizing comfort. P2i Ltd was established as a stand-alone company in 2004, as the first DSTL technology spin-out managed by Ploughshare Innovations (the DSTL’s technology transfer company).[19]

On 13 July 2010, P2i announced the acquisition of Surface Innovations Ltd, a UK-based technology company with several functional nano-coating patent families in areas such as anti-bacterial resistance and liquid attracting (super wettable).[20]

Applications and brands[edit]

According to P2i’s website, current applications for its technology are in the categories of ‘Electronics, Lifestyle, Life Sciences, Filtration & Energy and Military & Institutional’ [21] For consumer-facing products the company has created sector-specific trademarked brands. The ion-mask brand [22] was used in lifestyle products such as footwear, outdoor clothing and accessories (gloves and headwear). ion-mask products were on sale from several international footwear companies including Timberland,[23] Nike,[24] adidas Golf,[25] Hi-Tec,[26] Magnum Boots,[27] Van Dal,[28] Teva,[29] and K-Swiss.[30]

P2i's nano-coating,[31] is used in consumer electronics, focusing initially on the hearing aid sector where the company claims to be applied to 70% of the world’s hearing devices.[32] In 2013, P2i diversified its marketing, replacing Aridion with the term Splash-proof, to identify the traditional hydrophobic layer technology.[33]

P2i has partnered with Motorola and Huawei and several other top smartphone brands,[34] as well as another leading Chinese manufacturers.[35] P2i has the capability to treat over half a billion phones in 2019.[36]


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