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P3 Guld (Swedish and Danish for gold) and P3 Gull (Norwegian for gold) is the name of three separate music prize awards arranged by Danmarks Radio P3, Sveriges Radio P3 and Norsk RK Radio P3 respectively.


P3 Guld has been arranged annually since 2001, although before 2003 the prize was known as P3 Prisen.


P3 Guld is arranged since 2003 annually and is awarded by the Swedish radio station Sveriges Radio P3 to Swedish artists in pop, rock, hip hop and the like. The prize is awarded in nine categories. In five of these categories the winners are selected by P3's listeners. In the rest of the categories ("Best Pop", "Best Hip Hop/Soul," "Best rock/metal" and "Best Dance"), the winners are selected of special juries who are experts in each genre. The prizes are awarded at P3 Guldgalan in January each year to artists whose records were released during the past year. The first year (2003) P3 Guldgalan was held in Växjö. From 2004 and on the event has been held in Göteborg.


P3 Gull (means Gold in Norwegian) is a music show and an award ceremony organized by NRK P3. It was first held on 29 November 2013 at Sentrum Scene in Oslo. The presenter was Live Nelvik and the show was broadcast on NRK3, P3 and nrk.no. It distributes awards in four categories: "Newcomer of the Year", "Live artist of the Year", "Song of the Year" and the "P3-Award".

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