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P3 group
Native name
Industry Management consulting, management and engineering services in the automotive, aerospace, energy, public sector and telecommunications industries
Founded 1996
Headquarters Aachen
Number of locations
Key people
Marc Peter Althoff
Christof Horn
Lars Karsten
Tim Moog
Thomas Prefi
Christoph Theis (Spokesperson)
Michael Tobias
Revenue approx. 340 million euros (December 2016)[1]
Number of employees
more than 3.000 (Dezember 2016)[1]
Website www.p3-group.com

The P3 group, (formerly also P3 Ingenieurgesellschaft), is a management consultancy with headquarters in Aachen, Germany. Based on the company’s data, more than 3.000 employees worked for the company in 2016, generating revenues of approximately 340 million euros. The P3 group draws its clients primarily from the automotive, energy, aerospace, public sector and telecommunications industries.[1]


P3 Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH is a spin-off company of the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology (IPT) and was founded in 1996 in Aachen by Thomas Prefi, Christoph Theis and Thomas Weingarten.

Subsidiaries and international development[edit]

In order to specialize in specific industries, P3 Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH began to establish subsidiaries in 2001, which together form the P3 group. Some of these subsidiaries include:

  • P3 Communications GmbH: Technology consulting and testing services for mobile networks, services and devices since 2001. Formed in 2009 from a merger of P3 Solutions GmbH and P3 Networks GmbH, with main offices in Aachen and Belgrade
  • P3 engineering GmbH: startet as a joint venture of P3 ingenieurgesellschaft and Voith Industrial Services named "P3 Voith Aerospace GmbH". After the complete takeover in 2015 by P3, the company was renamed P3 engineering GmbH. Offers project management, construction services (electrical and mechanical), calculations and technical documentation for international aviation. Main locations Hamburg, Toulouse, Montreal and Bangalore
  • P3 North America Inc.: Management consulting, project management and electrical /electronics testing services for automotive and aerospace industries since 2005; headquarters in Detroit
  • P3 Automotive GmbH: Management consulting, project management and design services for the European automotive and supplier industry since 2006; headquarters in Stuttgart
  • P3 Aviation GmbH: Quality management, configuration and project management for the aerospace industry since 2006; headquarters in Hamburg
  • P3 Systems GmbH: Testing services for telematics and electrical/electronics systems for the automotive industry since 2006; headquarters in Stuttgart
  • P3 Ingénieurs SAS: Configuration and project management for the French aerospace industry since 2007; headquarters in Toulouse
  • P3 Energy GmbH: Management and technology consulting for the German energy supply industry, and testing services for electricity networks and storage systems since 2010; headquarters in Aachen
  • P3 insight GmbH: Since 2015 technologies for data collection on smartphones, analysis techniques for the telecommunications industry, based in Aachen
  • P3 telehealthcare GmbH: seit 2015 Entwicklung und Betrieb von telemedizinischen Lösungen für Rettungsdienste, Kliniken und den Katastrophenschutz mit Sitz in Aachen, www.telenotarzt.de
  • P3 digital services GmbH: Since 2016 App- and software development as well as consulting on the subject of digitization with the main locations Stuttgart, Düsseldorf, Cluj-Napoa and Belgrade
  • P3 aero systems GmbH: The latest P3 subsidiary, founded 2016. Development and consulting services for the aviation industry, test and simulation systems for wireless networks in aircraft cabins.

In summary, the P3 group is represented at 40 locations around the world, with a total of 30 companies scattered in 15 countries. (Source: Key corporate figures at P3 webpage)

Services and products[edit]

  • Management consulting: Technology consulting, management consulting, quality management, digitalization
  • Management support: strategy and process management, project management, configuration management, cost management, complexity management
  • Engineering services:
Telecommunications: testing services for mobile networks, services and devices
Automotive: testing services for telematics systems and design services
Energy: testing services for electricity networks and storage systems
Public Sector: consulting services for the public service and public authorities
Aerospace: consulting and management services for the aerospace industry
Telemedical emergency service (www.telenotarzt.de)

Partnerships and collaborations[edit]

Industry and politics[edit]

Longstanding customers of the P3 group include technology companies in the automotive, aerospace and telecommunications industries, as along with public services. In this regard, P3 Voith aerospace was awarded the status of “A-Supplier” by EADS and Airbus.[2] In 2016 P3 startet the German Aviation Innovation Prize "IDL". It was launched together with the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy, well-known aviation and IT associations (BDLI, BDL, Bitkom) and the DLR, the German center for aviation and aerospace. https://www.luftfahrtistinnovation.de/netzwerk P3 group advises and assists the public authorities in major security-critical projects dealing with communications (mobile communications for German police forces, fire brigades, hospitals, and the technical relief agency THW. In 2014 together with KPMG and TaylorWessing, P3 created a comprehensive inventory and risk analysis of armaments projects for the German Federal Ministry of Defense, https://www.bmvg.de Automotive,Cordless charging: Together with 12 international partners, P3 is working on recommendations for the international standardization of interoperable cordless charging systems.[3] (in German).

Universities and international consultation network[edit]

The P3 group networks closely[clarification needed] with several universities.[citation needed] The groups roots lie in the Rheinisch-Westfälischen Technischen Hochschule (RWTH) Aachen, one of Germany’s major universities for technical study programmes.[citation needed] This is clearly evident[clarification needed] from the particularly large[quantify] number of joint research and industry projects, such as the “Streetscooter”.[4][citation needed] P3 group is a member of the German student association and sponsors the Delta Racing Team of the University of Mannheim and the GreenTeam of the University of Stuttgart.[5][citation needed] In order to leverage the advantages of local consultants to successfully implement major international projects, the P3 group has collaborated with Eurogroup Consulting since 2008,[citation needed] a consultancy network with offices in 21 countries.[6][citation needed]

Media and social responsibility[edit]

The largest claim to fame of the P3 group is the annual mobile communications network test for the telecommunications magazine “connect”.[clarification needed] This test measures, compares and evaluates aspects such as network coverage, voice quality and data transmission of the competing network providers.[7]

The individual P3 group subsidiaries are involved in a several community outreach projects.[citation needed] Examples include the group’s support for socially oriented educational projects[clarification needed] through the donation platform “betterplace.org.”,[citation needed] along with supporting health projects with their own developments and knowledge transfer.[clarification needed][citation needed] The “Light for India” (Licht für Indien) project aims to develop an economical solar light for mass production, as a safer alternative to the kerosene lamps currently used in Indian slums.[8][clarification needed]


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