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Province 5 Television
Launched 21:00 IST, 12 May 1991 and relaunch December 2006
Owned by Company Limited by Guarantee (without share capital)
Country Ireland
Broadcast area Navan
Headquarters Clogherboy House,Commons Road,Navan, County Meath, Ireland
Formerly called Navan Community Television
Website www.p5tv.com
Virgin Media Ireland (Analogue) 256MHz (Navan) Varies elsewhere
Streaming media
P5tv.com Watch

Province 5 Television is a community access TV station on NTL/Chorus (UPC) in Navan, Ireland, broadcasting programmes made by, about and for the Navan community.

It was launched on 12 May 1991 on the Cable Management Ireland platform, relaunched in December 2006, and is available to over 200,000 households across Dublin, Limerick, Cork, Galway and Waterford. It offers programmes to over 5,000 homes in Navan and environs.

The station is managed and operated by volunteers who produce 1–2 hours of community access television programmes each week. Each programme is broadcast four times daily, for the entire week. Province 5 Television also operates a community "Text Service" 24/7 on a dedicated "community tv" Chorus channel.


Province 5 Television, formerly Navan Community Television, is a community access television station, established in May 1991. It broadcasts on the Chorus platform relaying its programmes to over 5,000 homes in Navan and environs.

In 1991, an amendment to Cable Management Ireland's cable licence providing for community access programming was granted by the Minister for Communications in May on a pilot basis for one year. This amendment allowed transmission of community programmes on the Navan cable system. Navan's licence was indefinitely extended in 1992 – again by Ministerial Order.

Transmissions began on 12 May 1991 and have been on-going to date.

Company information[edit]

Programmes are recorded on Wednesday and Thursday nights and are now broadcast each night on Navan's cable system, Chorus.

Apart from making weekly programmes for Navan, the group also made a series of 10 magazine type programmes for the community of Swords /Malahide in 1993 which was aired by the Chorus network in that region.

In 1997, Province 5 Television entered another new era in telecommunications, when it began broadcasting a series of 26 programmes, "Meath Review", nationwide on Teilifis na Gaeilge (TG4) and on "Europe by Satellite" throughout Europe.

Other volunteers are long-term participants in the community station at both programming and management levels. A steering committee (including representatives of the community and present members of Province 5 Television) was put in place in December 2005 for the purpose of making an application to the BCI for a "Community Content Contract" and to make way for the establishment of a new company now known as P5tv Ltd. Kevin Mac Namidhe was appointed Station Director in September 2006. P5tv received a 10-year licence in July 2006 from the Broadcasting Commission of Ireland. Kevin Mac Namidhe was appointed Station Director in September 2006. The station began broadcasting in November 2006.


P5tv was relaunched by the then Minister for Communications, Marine and Natural Resources, Noel Dempsey. T.D. on Thursday 7 December 2006 at 21:00.

Home produced programmes[edit]

Outside the Frame A weekly magazine programme is designed for Community Access and will inform people on local matters, news, heritage, sport and entertainment.

Golden Years This is a series of programmes chronicling the history of Navan over the past 80 years as seen through the eyes of Navan's Senior Citizens. The programme looks back at the lives of 26 local people and reflects on their perception of personal events and happenings in and around the old Navan from the 1920s to the present day.

Tir Tairngire

A series of two historical programmes about 27 families who were taken from Connemara in 1935 and transferred to Ráth Cairn, near Navan. Part one will be shown this week; part two next week.

Read Write Now This Adult Literacy series of weekly programmes will help local people with reading and writing difficulties.

Going to a Concert In this TV programme 'Bernie and Betty Beat the Blues', two women are encouraged by one of their daughters, to take themselves off to Dublin to see Tina Turner in concert. Following their adventures they learn about reading timetables, booking tickets and reading the 24-hour clock.

Our Living Islands A series of six programmes recorded on location on the islands of Ireland. Tvisit Sherkin Island Marine Station.

Other programming[edit]

As well as programmes made by and for Navan region the channel airs a diverse range of other content:

  • Features and shorts (both documentary and drama) selected from independent/non-profit film festivals around the world;
  • Cookery programmes;
  • Programmes for the deaf;
  • Programming from community TV channels in other countries;
  • Adult literacy programmes;
  • Activist films;
  • College films;
  • Community Notice-board;
  • Films by young/emerging film-makers.

Creative Commons[edit]

Province 5 TV promotes the widest possible distribution and use of programmes for non-profit use. Its own productions will be produced under a Creative Commons license that allows non-profit use, subject to recognition of source. Province 5 TV also promotes sharing with other community channels.

On air identity[edit]

May 1991 to November 2006 – during this period the channel was named Navan Community Television.

November 2006 to Present – Navan Community Television was relaunched as P5TV (Province 5 Television) It has one ident with the P5TV logo rotating.


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