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New Zealand (Aotearoa in te reo Māori) is a country of two large islands and many much smaller islands in the south-western Pacific Ocean. Among South Pacific nations, New Zealand has the largest and most industrialised economy and is second only to Papua New Guinea in population. New Zealand is notable for its isolation, being separated from Australia on the northwest by the Tasman Sea, some 2,000 km wide. The closest neighbours to the north are New Caledonia, Fiji and Tonga.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of New Zealand is the Queen of New Zealand and is represented in the country by the non-partisan Governor-General. De facto political power is held by Prime Minister John Key who, as Head of the Government, requires the confidence of the democratically elected New Zealand House of Representatives. The Realm of New Zealand includes the self-governing Cook Islands and Niue, as well as Tokelau and New Zealand's claims in Antarctica.

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Team New Zealand in Valencia.jpg
Team New Zealand (yachting:TNZ) is an America's Cup sailing team which is based in Auckland. The team officially represents the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron, and they have become a household name in their home country following their consecutive wins in the America's Cup in 1995 and 2000.

In 1987, the nation was captivated by KZ7 "Plastic Fantastic", racing well in Fremantle, but finally beaten by the American Dennis Conner. The following year, Michael Fay built and raced a gigantic monohull called KZ1 (or the Big Boat) but was outclassed by Conner's catamaran.

In 1995 TNZ stunned the world, beating Team Dennis Conner 5-0 off the coast of San Diego, after winning the Louis Vuitton Cup. The 1995 yacht NZL 32 was nicknamed Black Magic, ably skippered by Russell Coutts, and the legendary Sir Peter Blake. Coining the famous phrase by sailing commentator Peter Montgomery, "The America's Cup is now New Zealand's cup!".

The 2000 challenge was held on Auckland's Hauraki Gulf. On crossing the finish line in the final race, TNZ (NZL 60) beat Italy's Prada Challenge (Luna Rossa) 5-0. Team New Zealand's eight-year reign ended after they were defeated 5-0 by Swiss-based challenger Alinghi in 2003.

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Magpie Moth Nyctemera annulata taken in Point England, Auckland.

The magpie moth is an arctiid moth (Nyctemera annulata) found in New Zealand. It is a medium sized moth. The adults have a wing span of 35 – 45 mm, and are black with white patches. They flutter away slowly when disturbed. Some species in other countries are also known as Magpie moths.

Did you know...

A press in the Pompallier Mission

...that the Pompallier Mission is New Zealand's oldest industrial building and printed some of the earliest texts in Māori?

...that after HMNZS Canterbury was decommissioned by the Royal New Zealand Navy, the frigate was sold to a trust for a symbolic NZ$1 and then scuttled in the Bay of Islands by a former crewmember?

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