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With a name in Spanish, like BartolomĂŠ de Las Casas, everybody, including me, agrees that they should be spelled according to modern Spanish rules.

My query is about proper nouns of non-Spanish origin that are more commonly used in Spanish than in any other written language. Nahuatl and Teotihuacan, and many others, are written in modern Spanish with an accent. There's a rule in Spanish that says so. In modern Spanish, the accent (Spanish only uses acute) marks the stressed syllable. (In the original languages, there was no alphabet.)

The English Wikipedia seems to use them without the accent. I can't find a style guide in WP that addresses this point. I think more good would be done by including the accents than omitting them, though I may be prejudiced since I know Spanish. Your guidance appreciated. deisenbe (talk) 13:33, 4 July 2015 (UTC)

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