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PACS is an acronym with several meanings:


Organizations and establishments[edit]

Child psychology[edit]

  • Phonological Assessment of Child's Speech, a type of analysis battery used in developmental psychology to ascertain if a child has a reading disorder.
  • Phonological Awareness Composite Scores, a marking criterion as part of the CTOPP assessment battery for assessing a child's awareness of the oral structure of language.

Physics and astronomy[edit]


PACs is the plural of PAC; for example:


  • Primary airport control station, a survey marker established in the vicinity of an airport
  • Physical Access Control Systems. Gates, barriers and turnstiles that provide security for restricted areas on buildings and sites.
  • Cape Sarichef Airport (ICAO airport code), on Unimak Island of the Aleutian Islands, Alaska
  • Peace and conflict studies, an academic field that identifies and analyzes violent and nonviolent behaviors of social conflicts