PAREF Springdale School

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PAREF Springdale School Inc.
J. Solon St., Lahug
Cebu City, Cebu
Type All Boys
Motto Bene Omnia Facere (Doing All Things Well)
Established 1996
Grades 1 to 12
Houses "Vinta" and "Anchor"
Colour(s) Blue (Vinta) and Anchor (White)

PAREF Springdale School, Inc. is a private single-gender basic education institution established in 1996 in Cebu City, Philippines. The school is supervised by Parents for Education Foundation (PAREF). Its spiritual formation is provided by priests of the Prelature of Opus Dei. It is known for its mentoring program, which is a unique characteristic shared with all other PAREF schools in the Philippines.


The Springdale seal consists of an anchor and a boat. The anchor stands for the principles that the school wishes to inculcate in the students so that they may use these unwavering values and ideals in their growth to maturity and in their contribution to society. The boat, a sturdy Filipino vinta, is the PAREF symbol. It stands for the educational philosophy shared by all the schools that belong to the PAREF system. Together, they also make up Springdale's two 'friendly' houses where members of each house (i.e. from students to their own parents) compete for house points throughout the school year's many activities culminating in the awarding of the House Cup by Father's Day. Blue and white are the colors of the Boat and Anchor houses respectively.


PAREF Springdale School has a two-maths, two-sciences program in its high school. It is one of the advocates of single-gender education in Central Visayas, with an all-male student body, faculty and staff. It does, however, allow females to work at the cafeteria.

Opus Dei affiliation[edit]

Springdale entrusts its religious instruction to the priests of Opus Dei. St. Josemaría Escrivá is among its venerated saints.

Sports involvement[edit]

PAREF Springdale School is one of the stronger schools in Cebu City in terms of soccer & basketball teams. One of its students also won the gold medal in the kata.[1] It has also sent one of its former students, Calderon, to Italy for the 2007 ROK World Cup Championships.[2]


There are two other PAREF schools in Cebu, also referred to as comrades. These respective schools are Southcrest for girls and Southdale for the little ones.

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