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Pb is the chemical symbol for the element lead.

PB, P.B., or Pb may also refer to:

Companies and organizations[edit]

  • Packard Bell (1926), an American radio manufacturer founded in 1926 that later became a defense contractor and manufacturer of other consumer electronics
  • Packard Bell, a Dutch computer manufacturer which took its name from the earlier American company
  • Palladium Books, a publisher of role-playing games
  • Panera Bread, a chain of bakery–café quick casual restaurants in the United States and Canada
  • Parsons Brinckerhoff, an American professional services firm
  • PBair, a now-defunct Thai airline
  • Photobucket, an image hosting, video hosting, slideshow creation and photo sharing website
  • Piranha Bytes, a German video game developer
  • Pirate Bay, a file-sharing organization
  • Pitney Bowes, an American manufacturer of software and hardware and a provider of services related to documents, packaging, mailing, and shipping
  • PocketBook International, a producer of e-book readers under the PocketBook brand
  • Pottery Barn, an American-based home furnishing retail store chain
  • ProBoards, an online message board service

Economics and finance[edit]

  • Payback period, in capital budgeting refers to the period of time required for the return on an investment to "repay" the sum of the original investment
  • Performance bond, a surety bond issued by an insurance company or a bank to guarantee satisfactory completion of a project by a contractor
  • Premium Bond, a lottery bond issued by the United Kingdom government's National Savings and Investments scheme
  • Price-to-book ratio, a financial ratio used to compare a company's book value to its current market price
  • Participatory budgeting, a process of democratic deliberation to allocate parts of a public budget



United States:



Science and technology[edit]


Computers and software:

  • Petabit and petabyte, two units of digital information or computer storage
  • PowerBook, a line of laptop computers produced by Apple
  • PowerBuilder, an integrated software development environment
  • PunkBuster, a computer program that is designed to detect software used for cheating in online games



  • PB (pistol), a Soviet silenced pistol intended for army reconnaissance groups and the KGB
  • Picobarn, a multiple of barn (unit), a unit of area used in physics
  • Pipe bomb, an improvised explosive device consisting of a tightly sealed section of pipe filled with an explosive material


  • Personal Best, the best time or score ever achieved by an athlete in a particular event.
  • Paintball, a sport in which players tag opponents by firing dye capsules from a paintball gun
  • Passed ball, in baseball
  • Personal Best, a personal record



  • Paul's Boutique, a 1989 album by American hip-hop group the Beastie Boys
  • Phantom Brave, a 2004 tactical role-playing video game for the Sony PlayStation 2
  • Prison Break, an American drama television series which originally ran from 2005 to 2009
  • Puppy Bowl, an American special based on the Super Bowl airing each year on Animal Planet since 2005



  • Patrol boat, a relatively small naval vessel generally designed for coastal defense duties
  • Pilatus Railway or Pilatusbahn, a mountain railway in Switzerland
  • Irizar PB, a bus coach body


  • Paperback, a type of book
  • Peanut butter, a food paste made primarily from ground dry roasted peanuts
  • Powerball, an American lottery game
  • Presiding Bishop, is an ecclesiastical position in some denominations of Christianity
  • Pro bono, a Latin phrase generally used to describe professional work undertaken voluntarily and without payment or at a reduced fee as a public service
  • Push Button, a momentary button that is activated only while pressed by user
  • Princess Bubblegum, a princess in Adventure Time, an animated T.V. show

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