PBA Philippine Cup

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PBA Philippine Cup
PBA Jun Bernardino Trophy (2013).png
The Jun Bernardino Trophy
Tournament information
Location varies per season
Month played November to March (during the 2016–17 season)
Established 1975
Format See tournament format
Current champion
San Miguel Beermen (7th title)

The Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) Philippine Cup is a tournament that does not allow teams to hire foreign players or imports. Prior to 2004–05 season, the tournament was then known as the PBA All-Filipino Cup. It is considered the most prestigious of the three conferences in a PBA season. The San Miguel Beermen are the conference's current defending champions.

Since the 2006–07 season, the Jun Bernardino Trophy were awarded to the champions. The trophy is worth PHP ₱500,000 and made up of 24-karat gold plate, in which the champions can keep for a year. After that, they will receive a smaller replica of the trophy. If a team wins three consecutive tournaments, the franchise gets to keep the trophy and not the replica.[1] The trophy is named after former PBA commissioner Jun Bernardino.[2]

In the history of the league, the TNT Tropang Texters (2010-11 to 2012-13) and the San Miguel Beermen (2014-15 to 2016-17) have won the All-Filipino Conference three consecutive times. By achieving this distinction, the TNT and San Miguel were able to have permanent possession of the Bernardino Trophy. TNT keeps the 2006 version while San Miguel keeps the 2013 version.

The 1975 and 1976 editions of the tournament were reclassified as an import-laden conference since the league gave the lower-ranking teams the option of hiring imports to bolster their respective lineups. The first tournament that prohibited teams from hiring foreign players or imports was held in 1977.

The 1981 and 1982 seasons did not have an All-Filipino Conference.

List of All-Filipino/Philippine Cup champions[edit]

Per season[edit]

The previous design of the All-Filipino Cup (right) used from 1994 to 2002 together with the FVR Centennial Trophy. Both trophies were awarded to the winner of the 1998 All-Filipino Cup Finals.
  Won three or more consecutive tournaments
  Won two consecutive tournaments
Season Champion Runner-up Series Details
1975 Tournament was reclassified as an import-laced conference.
1976 Tournament was reclassified as an import-laced conference.
1977 Crispa Mariwasa 3–2 All-Filipino Conference
1978 Toyota Filmanbank 3–1 All-Filipino Conference
1979 Crispa Toyota 3–2 All-Filipino Conference
1980 Crispa Toyota 3–1 All-Filipino Conference
1981 No tournament to give way to Manila's hosting of the 1981 Southeast Asian Games.
1982 No All-Filipino tournament held.
1983 Crispa Gilbey's 3–0 All-Filipino Conference
1984* Crispa Great Taste 4–1 First All-Filipino Conference
1984* Great Taste Beer Hausen 3–0 Second All-Filipino Conference
1985 Great Taste Shell 3–1 All-Filipino Conference
1986 Tanduay Ginebra 3–1 All-Filipino Conference
1987 Great Taste Hills Bros. 3–0 All-Filipino Conference
1988 Añejo Purefoods 3–1 All-Filipino Conference
1989 San Miguel Purefoods 4–2 All-Filipino Conference
1990 Presto-Tivoli Purefoods 4–3 All-Filipino Conference
1991 Purefoods Diet Sarsi 3–2 All-Filipino Conference
1992 San Miguel Purefoods 4–3 All-Filipino Conference
1993 Coney Island San Miguel 4–2 All-Filipino Cup
1994 San Miguel Coney Island 4–2 All-Filipino Cup
1995 Sunkist Alaska 4–3 All-Filipino Cup
1996 Alaska Purefoods 4–1 All-Filipino Cup
1997 Purefoods Gordon's 4–2 All-Filipino Cup
1998 Alaska San Miguel 4–3 All-Filipino Cup
1999 Shell Tanduay 4–2 All-Filipino Cup
2000 Alaska Purefoods 4–1 All-Filipino Cup
2001 San Miguel Barangay Ginebra 4–2 All-Filipino Cup
2002 Coca-Cola Alaska 3–1 All-Filipino Cup
2003 Talk 'N Text Coca-Cola 4–2 All-Filipino Cup
2004–05 Barangay Ginebra Talk 'N Text 4–2 Philippine Cup
2005–06 Purefoods Red Bull 4–2 Philippine Cup
2006–07 Barangay Ginebra San Miguel 4–2 Philippine Cup
2007–08 Sta. Lucia Purefoods 4–3 Philippine Cup
2008–09 Talk 'N Text Alaska 4–3 Philippine Cup
2009–10 Purefoods Alaska 4–0 Philippine Cup
2010–11 Talk 'N Text San Miguel 4–2 Philippine Cup
2011–12 Talk 'N Text Powerade 4–1 Philippine Cup
2012–13 Talk 'N Text Rain or Shine 4–0 Philippine Cup
2013–14 San Mig Super Coffee Rain or Shine 4–2 Philippine Cup
2014–15 San Miguel Alaska 4–3 Philippine Cup
2015–16 San Miguel Alaska 4–3 Philippine Cup
2016–17 San Miguel Barangay Ginebra 4–1 Philippine Cup

* Two all-Filipino conferences were held on 1984.

Per franchise[edit]

Total Team Last championship
7 San Miguel 2016–17
6 Purefoods/Coney Island/San Mig Super Coffee 2013–14
5 Talk 'N Text 2012–13
Crispa*/** 1984 First
4 Great Taste/Presto Tivoli* 1990
3 Añejo/Barangay Ginebra 2006–07
Alaska 2000
1 Sta. Lucia* 2007-08
Coca-Cola* 2002
Shell* 1999
Sunkist* 1995
Tanduay* 1986
Toyota*/** 1978
* Defunct franchise.
**The 1975 and 1976 editions of the tournament are not considered All-Filipino Conferences since the league gave the lower-ranking teams the option of hiring imports to bolster their respective lineups.


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