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PC Games
PC Games logo.png
PC Games logo
Publisher Computec Media AG
Founder Oliver Menne and Thomas Borovskis
First issue October 1, 1992 (1992-October-01)
Country Germany
Website http://www.pcgames.de

PC Games is a monthly released PC game magazine, published by the Computec Media AG in Germany.


The magazine has about 150 pages, and also usually includes a DVD (earlier a CD) with drivers, demos, mods and maps. The DVD also often includes a full retail version of a chosen game.[1]

The magazine has the following content:[1]

  • News about the PC gaming community
  • Previews of PC games, (games which still are in development)
  • Sneak Peeks by invited readers on upcoming games
  • Tests (reviews) of lately released or to be released PC games
  • A section about freeware and open source games, mods and e-sports.
  • Articles about recent personal computer hardware components with regard to computer gaming (e.g. joysticks or computer mouses)
  • Articles about important events, that influence the gaming community at large (i.e.: e-sports, censorship, etc.)
  • Hints, cheats, modifications and walkthroughs for released games
  • A magazine part with letters to the editors and other topics concerning the magazine and its editors itself


PC Games was released in several different versions:[1]

  • A "magazine" version (which does not include any DVDs and is thus cheaper)
  • A "normal" edition, with one DVD in a rated 16 or rated 18 edition
  • PC Games Extended with 2 DVD's
  • PC Games Premium with more content
  • PC Games MMORE which features content related to MMOGs and mostly World of Warcraft.

The PC Games staff publish a magazine called PC Games Hardware, which solely concentrates on the testing of gaming related Hardware devices.[2]


Editor-in-chief from October 1992 to March 1998 were Oliver Menne und Thomas Borovskis; and from April 1998 until February 2000 only Thomas Borovskis. From March 2000 to June 2001 the magazine was led by Florian Stangl and Petra Fröhlich. From March 2004 on Petra Fröhlich was the sole editor-in-chief.[3]

Sales and Popularity[edit]

The magazine is one of the best selling PC gaming magazines in Germany, after Computerbild Spiele and Gamestar. In the fourth quarter of 1999, PC Games sold 363,608 issues per month, making it the best sold PC gaming magazine in Germany at this time. However, the number of sold issues declined, and by the fourth quarter of 2011 only 102,032 copies per month were sold.[4][2]

PC Games also hosts a gaming portal in the internet on PCGames.de, where they provide coverage and publish news, reviews and tests for PC games and PC gaming related topics. As of February 2016, PCGames.de has about 1.41 million unique visitors per month, making it one of the largest PC gaming web portals in the German language internet. [5]


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