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PDF Split and Merge

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PDFsam Basic
Developer(s)Andrea Vacondio
Initial releaseJune 29, 2008 (2008-06-29)
Stable release
5.2.3[1] / 29 April 2024; 2 months ago (29 April 2024)
Written inJava, JavaFX
Operating systemCross-platform
TypePDF utility
LicenseAGPLv3 for v3, GPLv2 for previous versions 2.x

PDFsam Basic or PDF Split and Merge is a free and open-source cross-platform desktop application to split, merge, extract pages, rotate and mix PDF documents. PDFsam uses a freemium model and encourages buying the full version with popups.

Distribution system[edit]

PDFsam Basic is a desktop application freely accessible both as source and compiled code. It is available as a MSI package for 32-bit and 64-bit MS Windows, .dmg for macOS, .deb package for Debian based Linux distributions, and ZIP bundle for power users' convenience.


  • Merge PDF files selecting entire documents or subsections of them. It provides a number of settings to let the user decide what to do in case the original PDF files contain Acro Forms (Acrobat forms) or an outline (bookmarks) and it can generate a table of contents, normalize pages size and page margins and add blank pages.
  • Split PDF files in a number of ways:
    • After every page, even pages or odd pages
    • After a given set of page numbers
    • Every n pages
    • By bookmark level
    • By size, where the generated files will roughly have the specified size
  • Rotate PDF files where multiple files can be rotated, either every page or a selected set of pages (i.e. Mb).
  • Extract pages from multiple PDF files
  • Mix PDF files where a number of PDF files are merged, taking pages alternately from them
  • Save and restore of the workspace


PDFsam Basic is written in Java and JavaFX. PDFsam Basic relies on Sejda SDK, an open source and task oriented Java library to edit PDF files and SAMBox, a PDFBox fork.

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